Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year! 2008

Well, this would be my first leap year on Xanga, so I would like to wish everyone a Happy Leap Day! I hope everyone made good use of the extra day for the month. (Me I could use an extra day for the weekend, I have soo much homework).

I would write more, but I am just not really in a blog mood. I am just really sad right now. Yeah, Pam and Jazz I am okay. Everything gonna be okay. I am just having to work things out in my head, that i just can't go into details.

On a lighter note, my missionary friends, Elder Rock and Elder Ellis, got me a copy of two John Byway's talk called: "5 Scriptures that can help you through anything" and "Rough Start, Great Finsh" So far, I have almost finshed, the "Rough Start..." talk. it is really good. It was something I really needed. One of the things Byway talks about is how some people question, why something happen to them and not others. He goes on to say that those people will have there hard time later in life.

One of the things, that stuck out the most is how somethings that we go through will help us be a better spouse,friend or even have more empthy. I don't fully understand how me loosing
Derek going to make me a better spouse or even a better person?

Fellow blog readers and friends, I am fine, I just have somethings going through my head that I am trying to work out.

Anyways, "Happy Leap Year".. next leap year won't be till 2012.(hopefully but then I will be graduated by then and maybe married)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A 100 years to live and Crying

Okay, so its been a few days since I last made an update. When people ask, 'Delynn' or 'Brittany' "how are you" most of the time I am gonna be blunt and I am gonna tell you how I am doing. Right now, I really should be studying for my Civil War test, with Dr.Shea...(do you remember him?) Anyways, that test is tommorw and I still have 1 1/2 chapters to read. And I am just a little stress about that test. I have a bio test next week... another detail test with celluar respiration, the process of photosynhese(or however the heck that it is spelled). I am skipping church so that I can study for this test, because here in the next 35 mins, I have bio lab and thats gonna last till 4 pm. and church starts at 6. I need more hours in the day to everything done that I need to. Oh, and how could I forget, today is health and safey inspection at the dorm. So, after lunch I had to hurry back to my dorm to clean it for when they do inspections tonight. And i have this massive project where i have to put togather a journalism design style book for class before spring break, which now is 3 weeks away.

And to keep matters going, I think I am starting to get sick, my throat starting to become dry(maybe its allergies, but then again, I don't really have them at least not here in Arkansas).

So how am I doing? I am umm just a little stress, think I am getting sick, and I think I need to some point go the Wal-mart and pick up some food for my dorm, because I am out of cheese. And I feel like crying, stress, running out of time, the year anniversy of Derek's death and stuiped Aunty Flow, I think is getting ready for a visit. point of blog biz.

The song, "A 100 Years" by 5 for fighting. This morning as I was sitting in the hall waiting to go to bio, I started to listen to it. It made me thinkg about a lot of things. Like, how we all have only a 100 years to live. It made me want to cry, because Derek, didn't have 100 years to live, he only had 25 years to live. Then it made me think of my life how that when I was 15, I wanted nothing more than to be 18 an adult and how I couldnt wait to be that age. Now, I don't think I would want to be 18 again, but at the same time I don't want to get any older. And how there is just soo much to look forward to in life. Getting married, The birth of my(our) first child, raising a little family. But all at the same time, remembering all that you have learned thourgh out life and remember that time is short.

There are two lines that really stuck out the most to me... "Suddenly you’re wise, Another blink of an eye, 67 is gone.."

"Every day is a new day"

Okay, I think there was more I want to say about this song, but saying its now 1:37 p.m. and I have to be in lab in 15 mins, I better go a head and leave this blog for today. Thats my day in a nut shell as usually disrguard all spelling errors and grammer. Have a great day.. oh and there is going to be a luarn eslicpse tonight!!!!

Love you guys!!! And if you read my blog... leave a comment

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My V-day rant

This is my 3rd annual Anti-V Day’s speech, every year. I say the same ol’ thing about how much I hate this stupid little holiday. Whom, I think my friend Ari says it best, it was thought up by the card companions in order for them to make more money. It soo sappy. Why honor the one you love on just that special day, why not every day.

Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I love the candy of those sweet tart messages, the boxes of chocolate. And yeah, I do dig my V-day shirt this year with snoopy on it. But still, v-day sucks.

Yes, for the past 3 years, I have been involved in a relationship, but for two of those it was around this time of the year. Did it stop me from send a card or a box to my lover. No. Did I expect anything from them, not really, did I dream about sure why not doesn’t every girl? Now I am not telling to get me anything, I am just saying. I think V-day has become to commercialized.

Why do I hate this striped little holiday? I find it too commercialized but also because I aside from the grade school valentines and the cards I got from my friends (whom were girls) and my parents. I can honestly say that I never have gotten a card from a lover, wait I need to clarify that statement. I never got a signed card from a guy that I was dating. But, oh, well. Not that it matters. No, I am not saying get me anything, its just something that has never happened to me. And come on, I am a girl I do dream about this silly little things. And if it where to happen it would be very special to me and I would prob keep for ever in a very safe place. Maybe it could also be that I never been out with my lover on V-day because we live so far apart.

So, on V-day my friends and I are having an anti-v-day party. Some may find it very silly but, me, I don’t think so. I find very exciting and I can’t wait. We are gonna have some fondo! Yummy!!! So, allow me and my friends to be bitter about this soo sappy holiday.

Will I still wish my lover a happy Valentines day? Yes, of course. Will I treat him any differently, no. Because I love him and that is all that really matters.

But whatever is my reason it is a personal one. I will just be glad when this stupied holiday is over, then we can all move on to the next commercialized holidays: St. Patty Day, Easter(the whole Easter Bunny thing)Mother’s day(never had anyone really honor, me, oh wait… maybe because I am not a mother…. Maybe oneday)…. Need I go on with our monthly holidays?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Today I hit the double 2's

Well, today I am 22. Wow. Boy do I feel old now. LOL. I wish I could say that I was happily married with a husbend and one kid. But, I am not. I have a wonderful new boyfriend(we've been going out almost one month), I am junior in college and have pretty great life. I have numberous friends all who love me and my best friend of 14 years, (her birthday is today also) :D.

Last night, my friends through me a Suprise party! It was fantatic! We danced, ate food, played with balloons and talked. I got some pretty cool things, Penny got me a yoga mat! Yay! Its green and I so exictied for next week yoga!! I love it!!! Pam, got me a really coool journal where it gives you writing prompts and you answer the question. It's the kind you passt down from generation to genertaion. Jasmine gave me Froggy Blanket and pillow and a Littlest Pet Shop set. Brandy and Mattle, gave me a cool card.(Yay! I get to add it to my collection), Josh gave me the most fablous massage ever.. oooh, it felt soo good!!! My parents sent me a box with candy, PJs/Capris and Singles Ward 2 and gift card. The grandparents also sent some too.. I had a great Birthday!
Oh, and how could I forget.. Jasmine made cup cakes!!! and they were yummy to the tummy!!!!
Wednesday at church, Emma, got the kids in Achievement Days to sing Happy Birthday too me...

I had to take a biology test today, I am just hoping that I passed it. And if I didn't oh, well, such is life.

All will be okay. Next week, I've got a lot of test. Nervous about those, well, really only one of them. *sigh*

As, I look back on my last 22 years of life, I have had a lot happen to me: a lot of life experinces that have changed me, for the better of course. And I am greatful, for the chance I had to come down and gain a body and an earthly experience.

So, here is to me and Sami.. lets add on another 70 years of life. Happy Birthday Sami! Happy Birthday to Me!

And thanks to all my friends and family who all wished me a happy birthday...

Below is a picture my sister Sarah edited and sent to me.. she also sent me a sing email..

Thursday, February 7, 2008

So on TV this morning

The Thing This Morning
**DISCLAIMER: Please disregruad all spelling and grammer issues. The below blog as well, with all blogs here are a matter of my OWN OPINON.**

Well, this morning, as I always do, I watch Good Morning America. I love this show, keeps me updated with things in life,that arent always of the news. Well, anyways this morning, they ran a segement on Jeslousy in a realtionship. I thought for a moment, hey, this is the prefect segement for me. After all, I went through something like that nearly 2 years ago. So I wacthed and was amazed.

I really, like what they said about the topic: "Being Jeslous attriubutes to a lot of love, a little bit of jesouly is okay, because it lets them know that you love them." They went on to say, what an over jesolous person feels an sysmtoms of it and really what was not okay to be jelous about.

I will be honest, I saw some of the qualities of me from two years ago in that. They also went on to tell, why a person might feel that way.

It was an overall great subjuct and I really enjoyed it. And I learned something from that show, that I learned this summer too. That it really was okay to feel that way and I was not in the wrong.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Weather

Okay, its the first of Febuary and Utah got 3 feet of snow and what does Arkansas have? Flip'n humity! It's just crazy I tell you. It'slike 75 degrees outside! Where is my birthday snow that I love so much?? Not hear. :( This weather also reminds me of how it felt outside the day that Derek died. Expect, for the sun was shinning and there were not many clouds in the air. The prefect kind of weather. In fact, I almost want to say this that the way that it smells outside, is the same kind of smell, that I smelt when Derek died.

Well, Mike Bebe came to UAM today and present a check for 2 Million dollars!!! I was in total shock when I saw how much the check was presented for! I think its going to add on to the Forsety building. But, hey, a prominet figure came to my school!

Life, is going good for those that just like to read my blog and see how I am doing. School is pretty busy, biology is very hard, but I do love my American Lit. 2 English class, it is sooo awesome. I am seeing more to life, and the teacher is a true inspiration. I am really enjoying her.
For those that read, my latest blog, yes, I am in a new realtionship, it is something that I have prayed about and feel that is the right thing to do. He, reminds me a lot of Derek and is very understanding of it.

Oh, yes, I am also at now 11,000 some odd words with my book that I am writing. I hope to get in published! Its soo exicting. It is about my love life. And don't you dare roll your eyes and think oh great! This is the book, that I had mentioned in a pervious blog called, Loving You. I have changed the title and I will not be annoucing it here on the blog, till later perhaps.

Well, I gotta get back to my studies, I have 2 papers to write(one's due tommorw and the other is due wednesday) and a biology test on Friday(mine and samis birthday).
Love ya... and God Bless!! Have a happy cheery day!