Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eight Months?

Wow hard to believe that John and I have been married now for 8 months. When we last chimed in for the Dean monthly update we had talk about when it 'rains it pours.' Everything seemed to have worked out for good. We got a car, it drives great and it's a lot easier to drive then Dno. Life at the apt. is going great. I really like it! It truely is a blessing to have a place of our own. The ward seems nice, we have only been there twice.

Now before I say anything bout the apt. know this its is very nice. Has 2 pools, a gym and a racket ball court. We live on the second floor. It's a one bedroom.

The first weekend we were there we had some minor issues. Which was taking care of ASAP. The first one was the shower really wasnt working and our dish disposal didn't work. But it go fix. Those are things that typically break over time. And since we didn't have a house we didn't have to pay to get it fix. Just one of the perks of living in an apt.

And for those that are wondering about little ones? Not yet the time will be right soon. Waiting on the Lord. :)

Thats all for now. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bullies Never Remeber

Hi I am Brittany and I was pick on in school.

I have tried my best to let somethings just roll of my back. But I can still remember being pick on when I was growing up. Now the extent to what I was pick on was not that bad. I know other may have been pick on more than me. But the pain is still there a little hid beneath

But what occurred to me a couple weeks ago when I came across someone who had been mean to me and my sister. It was as if they didn't remember what happen a few years ago. Heck, I don't even think they remember who I am.

I know that Bullies, someone being mean or picking on you because you are different may seem like they are two different things. But in many ways they are the same. You still get your feelings hurt, harsh words are thrown at you, and it doesn't make you feel any better about yourself.

In the news recently there have been many stories about bullying and schools needing to do something about it. Which I agree. It's almost as if the schools want to remain silent, so they don't have to do anything. Maybe they think its a ride of passage in youth, some get pick on and some do they picking.

News Flash it's not cool. And what sucks is that sometimes the bulling or the picking keeps going even after public education. It happens at college and even in the workplace.

Just because someone is different, that they don't talk, walk or dress like you, just because they may or may not have money, or what school, race, sexual orientation they are, does not mean to bully or pick on them.

Stand up to bullying and be a friend!
Something needs to be done about bullying. There needs to be a stop to it.