Thursday, July 31, 2008

The rest of the July Update

After my little vaction, I went back to work, chilln' with the family and seeing Arthur more.

One day, the kids, their mom and I play'd in the little wadding pools for a couple hours, it was a lot of fun.I finished reading to books, Roses and Daisy and Life As We Knew It. Both really great books.

I've practied the piano and I think I am actually starting to read notes.... but, I can only play with one hand. Not much else has really happened for me to blog about.

Life, going as great as it can be. And Arthur and I are doing great. The heat, sucks, but I hear that in Arkansas and in Texas that its really, really, really, really hot there!

Oh, boy.. the joys of summer heat... maybe we actually will have a colder winter??? To me it seem that its been extra hot in SLC I don't recall that it being this hot last year at this time. Well, next time I write it will be August. And I start school in 21 days!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Videos to pass the time with

Okay, so for some of us, school starts in less than a month, so to easy the summer blues, I have found 4 random videos, that I think will make you laugh, keep your mind busy for 15 mins or so, or something like that. Anyways, hope you enjoy and comment your thoughts if you get a chance.

A short little video, called "The Cat Came Back"

Werid Al, "What I Bought On Ebay"

Something from my old high school, (there muscial in Fall 2007, as an Alumni I went back to see)

Ogga Baby (do you remeber back in the 90's when this was soo hip?)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July Part 1 (Traveling Adventures)

I just could not wait till the end of the month to post this blog; and I can now say that I have been as far west as CA and as far east as NY, I've now been to the three beaches that touch the contiental US.(the Pacfic, Gulf, and Altantic). No I am not trying to brag, to me it's just a big accomplishment in my life.

Now for the update for the first part of July. I just returned after a 13 or so car ride, from San Fransico, for a family renioun with the McGees. I had a blast, saw some cool things, swam in a cold ocean, and got to know Derek's extend family a little better. [And the crazy part... they are kinda crazy (the good kind) like me.] I am greatful, for them for letting me join them, it truely means a lot to me in words that I can't even describe.

{how I wish he was still here in person. i miss him. :(}

One of the crazy things we did was play Mafia for like 2 hours. I moderated at the end.. but, poor Ross he always seemed to be the one that we all thought was maufa. I will say this Frank was a far better moderater than I was. I hadn't played that game in a while.. but I had fun, I hope everyone else did too.

I learn something about San Fransico.. there is a spot there that makes it one 3rd's most foggest place in the world. WOW. Its foggy in the mornings and then foggy at night. And here is something, I never knew... its actually pretty chilly there in July(at least it was when I was there) it had be in the mid-60s the whole time. When I got back to Utah, I could not deside what I liked better, the cold or the heat.

Driving across the Nevada deseart is very boring. Because you drive for 100 miles see a little town, then drive in a 100 miles of nothing. Lets just say, I took some naps on the way there and the way back. But, as we were driving out there I could not help but think of the diseny move "Cars" because of the town, Raderator Springs... were it was this big town and then it died when the big highway came through... and then I aslo thought how in the old days, people would travel by car for those family trips and have pinic lunches at those rest stops..(those must have been the days)

Okay... now for some picters for the public...
Me at the Golden Gate Bridge
Me visiting the temple grounds of the Oakland Temple
A pose at the Beach in Pacfica
The whole McGee Family silly picter