Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer the May Update!

Well, it is almost time for me to leave my parents house and head to my summer get-a-way. I am really exicted, one I get to see family, chill with the trees and mountian air, work and one of the most highlighting get to meet face to face, the another wounderful guy I have been dating.

His name is Arthur, and I really exicted about finally getting to me him in person. We have been talking for nearly 5 months straight.

In lighter news my novel I am writing about my love life is now 21,600 words! Its taken over a year for me to write that much. I hope to get it published oneday.

In other news in my life, I got my assoicates of arts at the being of this month. And the funny thing is I feel smarter having it. Something that not to many people know is that when I was at the cermony I could feel the presencs of my dead fiance, Derek there. I could feel that he was/and is really proud of me.

Now for my rant, I am getting really tried of this high prices of gas. They are affecting everything. Even the non drivers. It is just inshane. Right now the prices for my return ticket to my parents house has doubled. It is just crazy.

For my regular blog readers, look for my montly updates/or bi-monthly updates of what is happening this summer!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

To All The Idiots

In the world today I think there are two kinds of people. Those that can use their heads and can be open to new ideas and then those that choose not to use their heads and be closed minded.

With all of the recent news about the FLDS church and their polygamist actions. There have been people that have made some wrong assumptions about the FLDS being Mormons and that they are LDS. To all of those people that think that, let me correct you by saying that the FLDS church is not Mormons. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is not associated with them. The FLDS broke off from the LDS church over 100 years ago. As members of the LDS Church, we do not recognize them as Mormons or even members of the LDS Church.

And as a blogger, I would like my readers and anyone else who comes to my page to know that the FLDS members are NOT MORMONS. And I would appreciated even more if people would stop call them like-wise. And do not think for a moment that no matter how you look at saying that they are. Because they are not.

I recently read on a Reader's form for the UAM, The Voice( were two readers stated that the FLDS religion was Mormon. In the journalism world, that is a fatal error, because they are not. It is like saying someone is a Baptist when they are actual Pentecostal.

But, what makes more upset is what when one of the readers made the comment that he didn't think that anyone of other faiths consider the LDS faith as Christians. First, how is calling someone not christian Christ like? And secondly, before people open there big fat mouths and say something like that, they really should do some correctable research, like maybe talk to a Mormon or attend one of their services on Sunday Mornings. I have news forever one, Mormons are Christan. We believe in Christ and Heavenly Father. I know for fact that they are Christan and believe in Christ. Why else, would the name of their Church have Christ in it.

So, to all the idiots out there, Mormons are Christian, and if your pastor has said that they aren't, then I hate to tell you this your pastor was wrong and he lied to you, but, Mormons are Christan.

And to clear up the other statement this guy made, We did not add to the bible. We have the same King James Version as everyone else. We believe the bible to be correct as far as it is translated correctly. We do have another book called "The Book of Mormon" which is another Testament of Jesus Christ. It is not another bible.

What some of the readers were trying to clear up were the fatal errors about the Mormon faith.

I am Mormon, I love my faith, but I am Christian, I believe in Christ and my dad only has one wife. I get offend when people assume things that are true about my faith, when in actuality they have not done proper research.

All, I am asking is if you want to know the truth about the Mormon Religion, don't go to your pastor or Wikiapieda, or some Joe-blow site. Come ask a Mormon, ask a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, or better yet come join us at church one Sunday and find out who we are.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Halfway Mark!

Well, I did it! I finally got my Assiocates of Arts! I am soo proud of myself. And in just lest than 3 semesters I will have my BA in history, with a minor in Journalism. It's kinda sad to think that I am almost done with college. WoW me a college grad!

After the graduation thingy on the football field, my parents and I went to Hot Springs. It was okay there. Lots and lots of trees! The hotle we stay out, power went out! It happen about 10:15ish at night Now, that was crazy! There were even people stuck inside the elvator, and I got to watch some of the exictement as it happened outside our door. Since the power went out my parents and I went exploring around the area to get dessert. Not all the places where out, Wal-mart was out, that was kinda funny seeing a pitch black dark parking lot! Woah! Over all, Hot Springs is okay, not sure and this is MY OPINION that I would go back. Unless it is to go to the bath houses(which were closed when we were there).

For now I am back at my parents house until I head to my "other" state for the summer. Which I am really exicted about! As for me, thats about it nothing else really happening, I am just taking time to enjoy the summer. Though I really do miss being at school. Yeah, I miss school, it keeps me busy.(What will I do when I am graduated and I have a real job in the public school system?)

Well, more from the weevil later!