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2007 Year End Review

2006 In a Nut Shell

Early 2006- I fall in love, which equals my first boy friend, Morris Crill from Arkansas. I also get my first real kiss, at a lake. Durning Spring Break, I go to Moab, Utah with my local Community College for something called ASB. In the fall I move to Arkansas to go to UAM. And I slowly learn that I may soon have to call it off with Morris.

Now for the year in review for 2007

Jan. 2007

I meet the man of my dreams, on New Years Eve. By mid-January him and I were dating. His name is Derek McGee. By the end of the month we were making plans of what we are going to do together during spring break. We being to fall MADLY IN LOVE!

Jan.14ish, I break up with Morris. Because I was tried of how I thought I was being treated.

Feb. 2007

I see snow!!!! It snows a few days before my birthday. And the kids on campus have a snow ball fight. Ever had a snow ball fight in the dark? It’s really fun!!!

This is also the month, that I become a legal weevil. I turn 21. And my friends on campus decorate my door for my birthday. My boyfriend, (Derek) calls just to tell me Happy Birthday!!!

March 2007

Spring Break!!! I meet my love for the first time in person. We had a wonderful week! With lots of cuddling, hugging, and kissing. We also go do some Dallas-Fort Worth site seeing.

By the end of the week, we official knew that we were ment to get married. We were just gonna have to wait till I made the move to Utah. We also begin to talk about having a December wedding.

I also get tested for my thyroid. I had to get a two types of thyroid scans. The second one, Derek’s there with me. And when they read the report to say rather or not it was cancerous, Derek was there holding my hand. Turns out, they could not tell if it was, and they need me to have a biopsy. Which was schedule for may.

I get the call that change my life. Derek had been killed in a car crash. My world crumbles as I make plans to go to Utah for his funeral.

April 2007

I get to see a live, in person broadcast of the LDS General Conference. I get to here some of the general authorities and the prophet speak in person. It was wonderful.
(To me it was a way of Derek keeping his promise to me. He said we would go in October of this year. But since he could’nt make October happen, because he died, he some how made it possible for me to go in April.)

I meet Derek’s Parents and the rest of his family for the first time. Shortly before the viewing. They took me in as one of their own, making me a part of their family.

I speak at his funeral. And kiss my love good-bye for the last time here on Earth.

I head back to school, and try to finish out the rest of the semester.

May 2007

I finish out the semester at UAM with a 2.5, which for me was a good thing, saying what happened.

I get to see my sisters’ graduate from high school. First my sister Lindsey from WTW High School. Yeah for her! My parents were really glad, as I was too.! Then, my other sister Brittany McGee,(Derek’s sister) graduate from Box Elder High School.. Yay for her!!!!

My brother(well, Derek’s) Adam got married to Besty. That was pretty cool, the family just keeps getting bigger.

I also move to Utah for the summer!

June 2007

My sister Sarah gets baptized.

I start work at McD in Logan. I meet some pretty cool people, and fall in love with working at McD.

I finish the Book of Mormon for the first time in my life. Reading the book changed my life. And after reading it I had the best feeling in the whole world.

I go to Bear Lake with the family. Brittany and I get on floats and float out in the middle of the lake. Since I was lying on my back, I get sun burned. But it was still a lot of fun!

I also join the cast of Martin Harris, for the musical pageant in Clarksville, Utah!

July 2007

We as a family, clean out most of Derek’s room.

I see fireworks on the forth with Brittany an her parents and grandparents. It was a lot of fun, Till, the very end when the sprinklers went off at the very last part of the fire work show. We went to the high school to watch them.

We also get free slurpees from 7-11 on 7-11.

I go camp with the McGees! Sarah, Josh, Catie, Brittany, Ben and I go for a walk by our campsite and a butterfly lands on my head. I wish I had my camera ready because it would have been really cool to get a picture of. I was a little nervous.. I wasn’t sure what to do. So I just stood there. It was an experience. I also go crystal hunting that was pretty cool!

Adam, Betsy, Brittany, Sarah and I go to SLC to Lagoon. We had so much fun, yeah it rained but we sure had a blast!!!

August 2007

The two-week pagent goes on, it was blast and blessing in my life to be in it. It’s something that I will remember for a life time. I hope to one day to take my children to it.

I also say good-bye for short time to my family in Utah and pack my bags and head back to Arkansas.

When I get back to school I change my major from Journalism to History.

September 2007
I start baby-sitting for a family at my church. It was a blessing in my life to be able to do it. I love those kids so much, they make me smile so much.

I also become the Achievement Day Leader at church. This too becomes a blessing to have this calling at church. :D

October 2007

My friend Jason at church helps me out and we learn that we both kind’a like each other. We become anxiously engaged in a good cause. But both agree not to date for two reasons.

My glasses break when I fell in a hole in the ground. Then a few days later My cell phone goes to cell phone heaven.

November 2007
Pam, Penny, Jazz, Cody, Carlos and me perform Pork Chops and Apple Sauce at Mocha Maddness. The story of two old ladies at Happy Days Retirement Community. It becomes a hit!

I go to Jasmines house for Thanks Giving and have a blast!!! Then the girls went to Little Rock for Black Friday!

I along with member in my Government class, meet the City Mayor of Monticello.

December 2007

Finals month.. BLAH!!!

At one of the last events on campus… the late night breakfast, in a drawling I win a $50 Wal-mart Gift Card :D

And it Christmas.

2007 was an okay year, one with lots of change, blessings and new family all whom I love. 2008 better watch out, because its gonna keep get better.(Well, at least I hope so)

And to Derek, thanks for all you taught me and for all you did for me. I love you and will always love you!


Well I guess its time to tell about me in a nut shell.

My name is Brittany and I am a Junior at UAM in Arkansas. I have one big family, mostly of which I got adopt into this spring, after my fiance died. Yeah, I know what way to damper my little intro.

A little abit about me, I am a nut, I love dacing just about anywhere. And my sisters think I am just a tab bit crazy. Look for my blog posting here, myspace, facebook and xanga.

Have a peachy day!

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