Tuesday, April 14, 2015

it's been to long since a update

It 's been awhile  since I last wrote life is busy being a mom ,being a wife, working full time ,cooking ,cleaning and all that jazz but I wouldn't change it for a minute. The Dean family is doing well. in March John and Brittany went on a cruise. they went to Roatan Honduras and Belize City and Cozemale they were gone for 7 days and they left the baby with the grandparents. Brittany is ready to plan the next cruise.

Brittany has been doing a deep clean of the apartment and getting rid of stuff they no longer need . Brittany has been trying to declutter her life as the world objects cannot come with us when we die.

John has been thinking about going back to school. he hopes to study some type science. he really likesgeology and the study of the stars in the sky that is.

Tucker is growing fast. he goes to Nursery at church and loves it. he is learning and can climb into his pack pack and play. he loves to pull out the pot and pan and play with them. he is learning and walking more. he still only says mama he loves water and laughing. we have found he love to sit in his rocking chair and read stories to himself.

If there is any grammar errors is because I am voice speaking this to my phone to type it for me. technology don't you love it. hope to write more have a great day and find something to get rid of.