Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year End Review 2011

A tradition is something you do every year or at least something to the short. Many years ago I start what I call my Year End Review, a snap shot of highlights from the year, this is one of my traditions that I do as well.


Was a sad month, Friskey the cat of 17 years ran away to die.

John has a birthday, turns the young 26.


The birthday snow curse takes another year. Snow and Ice hit Dallas and work calls to say it’s going to be an inclement weather day 3 days that week. It was very pretty but truth be told I am glad that it only stayed a week.

I have my 25th birthday. (Getting older is no longer fun.)

We also add two new additions to the family, two hamsters, Rollie and Skittles.


Celebrate out first anniversary! Hard to believe John and I have been married a year. We take a few days off work and have a stay-cation. We had fun going to the mall, seeing movies, going to the Rain Forrest Café, and Medieval Times and relaxing at home.


Not much exciting really happens. I did read a good book called, “Who Moved My Cheese”.

We did go to our first and only Ranger game of the Baseball Season, can’t believe we made it to the World Series twice in back to back years.


This month I write a blog about NF.

Husband and I start planning our summer vacation!


I am called to teach in Junior Primary at church, CTR4. A true blessing if you ask me. I learn more to love those kids this year and hopefully they will be in my class next year!


Like the rest of the summer this month came and went. John and I went and saw my parents in Florida. We got to go to the beach for the day and then we head off to Disney World for Four DAYS! We went to Magic Kingdom(I got to ride the Dumbo Ride) Epoct, and MGM! I was a blast and I had so much fun!


By the middle of the month we have had some days with 100 plus that it’s just too hard to keep track. All I can say is that it was a HOT summer!

I paint a picture of the ocean at a place called Let’s Art Party at Girls Night.

John and I are called to work in the temple!


The nation celebrates the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

We start our first shift at the temple this month.


It’s still hot outside.

I start a second job-part time.

I am also promoted at the Bank job, to 75% SAS. J

We also renew our apt. lease for another 15 months!


It’s turkey month. I set up the tree and John and I hit the midnight black Friday sales.

Time flies when you are busy.


The Month comes to an end all to soon. The holidays are great and it was great to spend time with family.

John and I get our credit cards paid off. J

Christmas Photos

John about to open his stocking!
Our pretty Christmas Tree at out house.
Posing in front of the Christmas Tree at John's parents house.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Everyone has different Christmas Traditions or holiday ones. One of my favorite traditions is getting PJs. Every year since I can remember I was a loud to pick one gift from under the tree, it was usually marked CE, for Christmas Eve. That was what the PJs were in. Some times they would be Christmasy others they were just fun. Now that I am married, I have decided to keep this traditions going because it's fun and something I can't wait to share with my kids when the time comes. That and it makes a great photo opt. to see the family in the PJs (makes it even better if they all look a like.)

Another tradition is my Bear Advent Ornaments. My mom made them many years ago. On the front of the bear is a number and the back has song or scripture(from the Bible/Book of Mormon) about Christ. I like this one because it's a great way to count down to Christmas and to remember that Christmas is about Christ and remembering what He did for us.

Other traditions including watching Christmas movies like, The Grinch, The Christmas Story(You'll Shot Your Eye Out), Charlie Brown, the Muppet Christmas Carol, the Nightmare before Christmas just to name a few.

Then there's the book the Polor Express! What a great book! It doesn't really seem like Christmas with out it.

Then there is painting that my grandmother painted almost 20 years ago. That hangs up every Christmas. Apperantly the story behind is that I carried on this chrismas card with the picture on it a lot so my grandmother(MeMe) painted for me. To this day it's one of my favorite pictures that I have. I still love to look at and pretend that I live in one of the house in the picture. (see the picture to the right)

When I was a kid and family was close by would all meet down at my Great-Grandmother Farm and celebrate and exchange gifts. And I usually convince my cousins to put on a skit, we usually did the night before christmas, and made all the adults watch it. It was a lot of fun planning and performing!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where did the year go?

It's hard to believe that the year is less than two weeks from being over. It seems like the holiday's just started and now they are almost over. I haven't had much of a chance to write on my blog, then again nothing to exciting has happened.

I know I seem to say this on every post but working at the temple has brought me so much joy! I love it! The spirit there is soo strong. The plan of salvation is real! It has a purpose in our lives. Life does not stop here when we die but keeps on going. The temple is truly heaven on earth.

I do want you my blog readers to note that coming soon is, the year end review(an annual recap that's be going on for close to 5 years now) and Christmas updates.

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love, the Dean Family