Saturday, January 14, 2012


Dear World:

On 1.13.2012 my husband and I both plan to go to Legoland in the town we live in. Why? It was my husband's birthday. We like legos. We bought our tickets the night before on the official website. To ensure that we would be able to get in. Plan to go at time when school was still insession. Only to get turned away at the door. The website states nothing about having children to get in. Nor is written ANY where outside of this Discovery Center!

My husband and I have been playing with legos for around 20 years(off and on of course). It makes me never want to by legos again. (But since they are the only good block building thing out there, it eliminates that idea).

At least I go to DISNEY WORLD and have fun and ride Dumbo without being told I have to have a kid with me.

What if we wanted to just look and see what was in there? Instead of just the website tessers or seeing the small amount through the glass? What if we want to see if that was something we really wanted to take our family too?

Bright side is they gave comp tickets to SeaLife.. which was cool. I got to touch a star fish it was rough....

Maybe I'll find away go another time...