Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weevils go to Texas

This past weekend, (well Thrusday) the UAM weevils traveled 8.5 hours(or so) to Stepnville, Texas to play against the Texans at Tarleton State. The drive was long. It was a little different to drive to Texas and not go home to my house.
Fred and Kathy and Camilla came out to see the Weevils play against the Texans. The Weevil danced with Camilla and had fun! The other teams mascots(who were dressed in Screams masks ) gave the Weevil a sunflower. The Weevil told me it made the Weevils day and made her happy for a bit.
The Weevils sadly lost there game 45 to 16. It was a good hard fight. The did a good job!
The weevils next game will be agains U of A at Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Last year the Weevils beat Pine Bluff, 21 to 7!
Now in other aspects in my life. My parents are moving to Flordia they have always wanted to move to Fla and grow old there. So Sept.2, 2009 they are moving there. My stuff that was at my house is going to my boyfriends house.
School started this week and I enjoyed my classes I think its going to be a good semester it always is.
Well that's all the updates I can think of for now. More later! Love you All!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Starts tommorw

School starts tommorw. Fall is trying to come. Football seasons kicks off this week too. Which means the weevil gets busy.

This semester I am taking 15 hours last time I attempted this was the spring of 2007 hopefully nothing bad will happen. There are some easy classes. Classes I am taking to help me meet hours for being in school graduation/scholarships.

I am retaking Survy of Math (I am trying to keep my seld pep up for this one) American History 1900-1940, World War 2 history, Interpersonal Communcation and Music Apperication. I am really exicted. I have already been a school a week and now I am really ready for my class assignments and to start learning! I really do love school I am such a dork or I guess a neard!

My parents are moving to Flordia on Sept.2. They have also want to move to Fla. and live near the beach. So since me and my sister are out of the house.(Well I am almost I still live in a college dorm) they desided it was time for them to move. Bright side is they will be just few hour car ride from Diseny World!

Here in Monticello at church a lot of families have moved in. Last weekend I watch 3 families kids. One of my regulars and then two new famlies it was a lot of fun!

This week the Weevil(that's me) will go cheer on the football game for their pre-season game in Stephenville, Texas! There game is Thursday! But the one I am exicted for is the GA game! It will be telvised in the GSC(Gulf South Conference) network.

Well thats all for now! Love you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kindergarden turns into pre-2nd grade

Strange title for my blog I know, but I recently read an articl on MSN that talked about things kindergardener's have to know even before they walk through their classroom.
The article here--> Videokids_and_parenting/?GT1=43001 tells all about what they have to know.
My thoughts are below about the said article.
I think that kindergarderns having to already read and do math before kindergarden is way to hard. It's not fair to them make them do that. That is why we go to school to learn. Yes, learning some of those things helps at home but beind forced to do that before had is dumb. Even more so, being held back at the end of the year if you don't know how to do that. If that was the rule back in 1991, I would not have pass kindergarden. Yeah I knew how to read alittle but I was the best reader and I couldn't do math well. I had to go to a special math class in the 1st grade for extra help in. It was there in the 1st grade that I learned how to work with 2 digit math problems.
Taking away a kids recess in kindergarden no wonder they act up or go crazy in the classroom they have all this engery and they need to release it. Plus doing all that class work for what 6.5 hours straight a day might make them crazy I kno. I know that when I study for that long I go crazy. Even here in college, in my dorm room I have a mr.potato head and sometimes even play dough. Why? Because it helps take away the stress that school brings to me! Ven I didn't have that I think I would go loco!
I think kindgraden should be the time to learn and grow. Much like agraden does when it is well tend to and the flowers bloom and look every soo pretty.
In the fall we tend our gardern perhaps even get it ready to plant for the spring, in the spring we plant our flowers and watch them grow.Much like kindgarden we tend to them in the fall by the spring they are geared for school, by the end of spring they are wounderful future first graders who are bloomed and have grown in school!
We don't need to press our 5 and 6 years olds into long days, just bceause they do that over seas does not mean that we have to do that in America

My Days in Kindgarden

When I first went into kindergarden I don't think I even knew how to read and that was nearly 15 years ago. To this day I remeber things I did there and even things that I got in trouble for. the class room had rug which we sat on and our teacher read to us. when we started learning our ABC's whe took home the letter and a piece of paper and we had to cut out things from maganizes or newspapers that started with that letter. At the end of the year the teacher put togather our very own ABC book of our very own to take home of all our ABC's homework. It was a lot of fun! I learned what numbers where and how to count and about colors.

I remeber playing house at school with our little kitcen set we had in one of our play areas. I also remeber having to have nap time. Going to music class once a week where we sang songs, I remeber go out side to receses(and getting left behind at the water fountain because I feel a sleep and my teacher didn't wake me. I couldn't find my class so I had to pull a red ticket!)

I remeber coloring a school bus and I wanted to color my school bus purple because at the time that was my favorite color. My teacher told me I had to color it the right color, but she did give-in and told me I could color the part that says School bus purple. Guess this should have my first clue that it was the start of kids having to conform to the new press of kindergardners.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I am Finally A Class C!

Okay so class C is driving speak for Drivers Licenese! I am so glad to finally have it! I was really neverous at first when I was getting ready to take it! I even had to go throught road work for it because that was the path of the test. I had to get up at 5:30 am to leave the house early to get to the DMV by 6 am to wait in line to get a number just to take the road test! By 8:45 I was taking the road test and by 9 a.m. I was in line to get my paper saying I can drive till mine comes in the mail! That line was another 20 mins! So as of 9:35 this morning I became a licened driver and I don't have to have anyone in the car with me! Down side I don't have a car but that's okay for now. I feel soo happy that I have it! I actually feel older now!

Don't say watch out, because I am safe driver you don't have to stay off the roads.. there is plenty of roads for all of us!