Saturday, August 23, 2008

My First Week Of School

And I have desided to show a picture of my dorm door that I decorated and my bed. I plan to have a video of my dorm room up really soon. But for now the pics, enjoy!

Click the link to see a video of my dorm room tour!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life Back at School

Well, classes start yesterday. I am in Spanish 1, West Africa and Islam, Col.America and Histographys. I am back working on the school newspaper as an editor for Around Campus.

My dorm room is all neatly organized and clean and my door is full of colorful poka-dots. I will have to get a picture of it up on the web soon so all my family and friends can see it.
I miss Utah.

Getting use to the humdity rather interesting. I really hate it. Thought lately its been raining a lot. It's rained every day since I have been here. I have seen more rain in the last few days then I saw in Utah this summer.

My foot still kind of hurts and I am wear my ace badged off and on.

One thing is for sure this semester is going to be really busy with a lot of readings, journalsim and other things on campus that I will have to do. It's going to be a crazy year. But, saddly it's my Senior year and next summer will be my last year at school here, because I will graduate with a BA in History(if all still goes to plan).

UAM been a great school, I am gald that Morris and Tonya convinced me to come here. It's been a blessing to be at this school and I have just fallen in love with it! Maybe one day I will come back with a PhD and teach here, now that would be cool.

This will be a short blog.. because now I have to go and read some stuff for school and I want a snack. So it's back to my room.

Love to you all! More from the Weevil later!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summers End 2008

Well, it's the end of my summer. This time next week, I will be at school. Oh, how joyus. I had a great summer once again. This summer I worked at a placed called 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. It really is a great place to work. And I had a blast working there! Who ever said that food indusry is a job for dead beats, well, after to summers of working in it. I hate to tell you but you are wrong. I loved it! That's as simple as I can say it. And for those that haven't ever worked in the food industry I say give it a try.

The first weekend of August, Arthur and I went to the plantiarum. It was a lot of fun. We saw two shows, one called Night Life(about current space stuff happening, it was a live lecture) and then the other was called, Ultimate Universe( about space and the plants) both movies were shown in a dome thing) There were mini exbits of space rocks, what mars and the moon look like if you could actually walk on it, with out going through extintisve training and then there was a pendleum that was hanging from the ceiling and even a place to give a mock weather report. I was all about that. Take a look at the video and see me as Ms.Weatherwomen, (I've always wanted to do this).

Last weekend (Aug. 10) I went to Bear Lake with the McGee's and the Holladays and Arthur. It was so much fun. Brittany, of course dunk me in the water, what sisterly love. Arthur, had fun too. I love the traditon of going to Bear Lake, I can't wait till next summer it will be a lot of fun! It was also Jimmy and Carla's Wedding Anniverisy.
After the fun adventure at Bear Lake, we went to one of Carla's relatives houses to celebrate Jasmine's Birthday. She turn 2. (Jasmine and her brother Alex are the two kids, the McGee's are going to adpot) Thats was fun too, Brittany and I see-sawedfor a while... man, does that put a lot of work on your legs.
Yesterday,(Monday, Aug 12) I went with my counsins to one of the Cayons in Utah, to celebrate their grandmother's birthday. I had a lot of fun, I love being in the woods. We had a BBQ pinic lunch. The kids found this log, and jumped and walked and even got the pictures on it. What so great about this log? It was rather bouncy and you could jump up on... picture tiger jumping up and down and you might get a clear picture. (Hopefully that made sense).

And I also, help my boyfriend* move from his mom's house to a condo, that he will be sharing with two other guys. He's paying 345 a month, and he seems happier to be over there. I hope all keeps going well with him, things are really turning brighter for him. (Pictured to the right is a better picture of him and I at Temple Square in Utah).

Well, today, being Wednesday I am leaving the Beehive State, head to the LoneStar state for a couple days, before heading to my Weevil School. I am gonna miss it here, but next summer, I plan to move back here. That is if I don't feel incline that I should serve a mission for my church).
This summer has been a great one, with lots of memories and laughter. I think the college years are the best, because then I get to go and see places I would not get to see if places or do things like I do if I was married.
Well, that's it for this weblog, next time you read,more than likely it will be from school. I will post more end of summer pictures, soon. So stay tuned!

Friday, August 8, 2008

I pulled a stupied

Well, today was my last day at work, that part is really sad. :( But, when I was stacking the bread today I was standing on something that I really should not have been standing on in the first place.

The thing I was standing on was the aluminumn thing, that has bars on it that looks sorta like a bench, minus the back rest and that its to short.

As I was standing on it, both my feet fell, between two different bars and the first thought I has was, "phf at least I didn't hurt my feet or my ankles. I was wrong. I had landed wrong on my left foot. It hurt like heck. And, I still stayed at work when I was hurt... because I still needed to finish my job.

Where does it hurt, Left foot, left side, middle side of the foot....
And, we do have ladders, adn I should have been on one of those but, I didnt want to, I thought I could do it they ways I was doing it.

So, now my foot is wrap in an ace badages, which I had to go and get at walmart... so I walked on my bad foot, well, limped and walked to the rest of my errons and walked to the bus stop and then home...

Oh, my does it hurt... and I have cheer practice next Sunday night, I hope its better by then and not broken....