Sunday, June 13, 2010

3 months

It's been almost over month since I last wrote. Today make three months since I have been married. It's hard to believe that time has flown by so quickly.

Let's see what's happening. John's brothers, Harrison and Hunter and dad are off these next two weeks at Philmont. (It's a boy scout camp in New Mexico) So it's just John, Me and his mom at the house. It's kinda quite.

Since they are all gone we are working on a project I like to call Extreme Home Makeover Edition, only we aren't knocking down a house, just painting Hunter's, Harrisons, and Mom and Dad's room. It's only day 4 of the project, one room is nearly finished, the other just needs some primer on the walls and paint(and of course the room put back to gather), and then one room yet to be started. It has to be finished by June 22. The boys get back on the 23.

It's seems like a lot of work, but it is also fun. I can't wait till they get home to see their reactions on their faces. So I guess we shall see.

Lindsey, been helping with the EHM she's been really good at organizing things.

John's doing well, working hard with the project and with work. He's such a great hard worker.

Me, I am doing well too, working hard on the project and doing good at work. I still find it hard to believe that I am done with school. Guess what also makes it believe able is that my student loans are now due and I make my first payment in August. Oh, boy... be paying for this over the next 10 years! But school was most certainly worth it.

We aren't moving as we had planed in July, but staying at John's parents house. It's gonna be okay. Maybe we need to be here to help and encourage the younger brothers. At first I was really upset that we couldn't move but I am slowly working up to it all. After all, "it won't be like this for long..."

Well that's it for now.. from the Dean's!