Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lesson from EFY week 1

As I promised I will share with some of the things that I learned at EFY.

Seeing Thur the Lord's Mirror

Sunday night there was a Fireside(firesides are meetings usally handle on Sunday nights with one speaker and are on vairous topics.) Anyways, this fireside was given to the counsorls before the kids came, it was given by the session director Bro. Barker(the guy who was incharge basically for that week of EFY).

Bro.Barker said this in his experince with teaching and being a bishop he has heard some of the following. "They got married before I did..." "They finished school before I did...." "They got into that school and I didn't..." He then went on to say that it is not a competion to do those things.

The World makes it seems like that is a competion to do those things.
He then said, that the reason that its not a competion is because when you come before the Lord he will ask you Where have you been and where are you going? With the Lord there is no competion.

Brother Barker also used a scripture, from 1 Corinthians Chp 13:12, which states the following, "For now we see through a aglass, bdarkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. "

Which means that right the world and maybe even ourselfs see ourselfs through the world's mirror as not being upto par with them. But when we see the Lord face to face he will show us how he see us and not how the world sees us.

After hearing this it made me feel a little better about my own life's dealings.

Its a tradion at EFY to have a company cheer to shout when you are walking around and to use at the Cheer-off. Now for my first week at EFY, my group was known as Stirreth-Up. The girls and the guys helped created the cheer. For your reading pleasure I post it here. "Enternal bliss, Happiness, Stirreth-up the fun, BBQ sauce!" Our group for the 14-15 years old came in second for the cheer off. Later I will have to see if I can upload a video of it.

Morning Sides

Morning sides where a big devotional given by the session director to everyone at EFY. So all of the groups and the counserls all meet togather at the same time and heard a devotional. On one of the morning sides someone sang a song and this part stuck out the most to me... "Live in this World with a smile."-- its a good model to live by, because one smile can travel really fast to everyone!

Other Important Thoughts Learned

"Heavenly Father knows me and he NEEDs me! " "(Heavenly Father knows you and he NEEDS you!)"
"If we truely repeant then we become a new creature."
"if you stick it out then eventually you will succed"
"You never know what the Lrod has instore."
"it will be a happy ending if you just stick it out."
"The only thing you really can do for someone who has saved yourlife is to never forget it and to always remeber that.(I would like to add to that to never forget them)"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Spiritual Bubble now spills out!

Greeting Fellow Blog readers!

I just got back from EFY (which stands for Espically For Youth) it is a church camp put on by CES (the Church Education System). The camp is for ages 14-15 and 16-18 years young men and young women. It run by memebers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Where I worked as a counserl, where I was over a group of 10 girls between the ages of 14-15 years old. They were a great group. I also had a co-counserl who was over the boys, he had 9 kids between the ages of 14-15. Togather we formed a company called "Stirth up" coming from a scriputer in the Book of Mormon.

At EFY there was around 320 kids, and about 20 counserols, some building counsorls, and cooridantiors.(Who helped ran the camp).

The youth attend classes(some counsrols went to classes too) went to dances, had game night, FHE (family home evening), gave and heard devontioals, sang hymns, touch by the spirit, ad grew spritual.

When ever I am at EFY I like to think of it as a Spirtual bubble, because you have people around you who believe the same things that you do and you are hearing messages that are meant for you and things that you can apply in your life, when you leave camp. The youth take something but also the counsorls take something from it as well.

I know I did. I feel so much stronger in my life. This week I recieved some answers I have been praying about and for that I am enterally grateful. I have things that I learned that I can apply in my life. And I get to go back for two more sessions.(Each week is known as a session).

Growing up I went as youth., in fact it was 10 years ago this summer that I first went to EFY. And now I am a counserol. I am grateful for the chance that I had serve, to teach, to get to know the youth. The were a blessing in my life.

This years theme is "Be Thou an Example" coming from a verse in 1 Timthoy.. I will have more about adventures at EFY and the spritual ness a bit later.

But that is my update for the week... and now that EFY is over and everyone has left, the spirtual bubble now ozzes out over the city, with stronger youth, youth (and even the counsorls and those that help at the camp) that will be an example, in the words that they say, in conversations that they have, in charity that they give, in spirt that they have, in faith they have, in purity that they will hold on too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer and it's raining

Currently the weather outside is stormy, with rain, and thunder and perhaps some lighting. For the last 12 hours it has been raining straight, well amost. Last night the airport by my house reported winds of 51 miles per hour. My street had a couple of down tree branches but nothing to bad and the house still has power! At least for now the temptures are cool outside. That is one good thing about the rain it makes it cooler outside instead of being soo hot!

This Summer I am working at place called 5 Guys Burgers and Fries, in Dallas.(There are a lot of 5 Guys now spread across the USA.) It'sa great place to work. And I am also an EFY counserl this summer. I will be working as a camp counserl for three weeks this summe,(the weeks are ever other week starting next week). I go to my first session, in Denton, Texas next week! I am really exicted and I am almost done with my devontionals for the week.

Every sincce I went to EFY for my first time 10 years ago I have want to be an EFY counserl and now I have the opportunity. I am so grateful for this chance!

For those that have the summer itch to read a good book, I am half way through the 7th Harry Potter Book.( I speed read it when it first came out and now I am reading it again) I think it's better this time around. -- one day I will post some thoughts about this book when I finsh it.

Happy Summer, till next time!