Monday, September 15, 2008

The Hero

Last Sept.25, 2007: I rewrote a paper topice that I wrote for English 2 when I was in college back in Dallas. Expect I changed who my hero was.
I had this exact blog posted there and I felt that I should post it blogger for all the bloger people to read. To.. I hope you enjoy... and please comment if you want.
The Hero
There's a hero inside of us,
Though we may not know where it is,w
e may not be payed,
or noticed for our hero deed
but those that do notice,
the hero inside of us.
Written by: Brittany Pickett

Defining a Hero, was a topic last summer I was asked to write a paper on. I was
asked to tell who my hero is and why. When I got the topic I will admit, yes I was
excited and I could not wait to start my paper. I just was having a hard time
choosing my hero. I didn’t want to choose my parents because it seems that when
that question is asked to students that come up a lot. I want my hero to be one
who made a difference in my life and one that had qualities that I look up to. So I
choose a friend of mine. I choose her for things that happened in her life and how
she said she handle them with courage. For her strength that she said showed,
friendliness attitude. All qualities that I thought a hero should have.

But then I meet my fiancée. One day during a conversation on heroes, I asked
him who his was. He told me it was our prophet Joseph Smith, jr. I wish I could
remember why he said that it was his hero. I wanted to say it was then that I
started to reconsider who my Hero was.

Joseph Smith, a prophet seer and revelator, he stood up for what he believed. He
only told what he saw and heard. He was an average farm boy, from what I would say an average family during the mid 19th century. He restored the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to earth. He translated the Gold
Plates to what we now as the Book of Mormon. And no, it is NOT another bible. It
is another Testament of Jesus-Christ of Latter Day Saints. His hero qualities that I
have come to admire: courage, faith, believing trusting, caring, hardworking, want
to be a friend and being a friend. Those are just some of the qualities that to me
make a hero.

I guess I have realized that the person who I thought was my hero wasn’t, that
maybe perhaps I wanted her to be my hero but maybe that was just me making
someone be something that they are not.

It wasn’t until she walk out of my life that I realized a hero would not do that.
So, who is my hero? I would have to say that this person saved my life. No this
person didn’t pull me out a burning building or save me from something large and
heavy falling on me. Like Superman would do. This person saved me both
physically and spiritually. Just when I thought I was at the end of my rope. That
people who I thought were my friends no longer cared or loved me. He came into
my life. Very softly and with care he came in. At first I spoke telling him what was
wrong, where I was at in life. He just sat and listened. A quality of a hero, will have
the ablitily to listen first then speak.

He saw a broken heart, broken spirit, and someone who was dying inside.
Because of my hero, I became better, almost suddenly. I began to feel better
about myself. I guess, its like that quote that I read in the book called Freedom
Writers, “When someone cares about you and ask about you. And genuine shows
that they care, You begin to feel better about yourself.” My hero did that, he
changed my life. And it seemed that other who knew me could see that too.

I suddenly began to become very excited to see him come online to talk to. He
became my friend first, then a lover and finally my fiancée. He never got the
chance to give me the ring, but between my family and his. I was his fiancé and he
was mine.

He showed me how to love again, help me heal my broken heart. Made ME feel
better physically and mentally, I went from weigh 96 pounds when I meet him
online to meeting him and weighing 107 to now weight 125ish.

Like all heros, they sometimes can’t defeat death. My hero died on the morning of
March 29, 2007, he died loving me. And even though we may be miles and time
apart, I know that my hero loves me as I still love him.

As we honor our Heroes, we can remember them for the hero deeds and all that
taught and influenced in our lives.

My hero, is my best friend, lover and now a guardian angel. His name is Derek

Monday, September 8, 2008

Area 31, Mr.Potato Head and Playdough

Yesterday, I went with Pam and Jazz to Area 31... okay for those that don't know or understand what that is... its nothing illgeal its an area in wal-mart that has the jewearly... we went to look at engagement rings.. and then we bout 8 doller cheap rings. Mine is purple in the middle and to clear crystals each side... my ring is a size to big ... but its still pretty.

Why did I do it... so I can havea ring and fit in with the rest of the world who all has engagement rings or wedding bands. And I feel my moment will never come... that I will die with out know what it will feel like to have someone put a ring on my finger.

I hate having to see all that...I guess it sucks more so for me and bother me more because of what happened with Derek and how much that hurts.. (and more so how angery now I am getting cause he is dead)

My day started stuck after I left the Language Lab.. I got so fustrated with trying to pronouce things.. It seems nearly impossiable to master this new language and I am getting really discoruaged with that.

I have a fatal error in my story in the news paper at school. I am gonna get yelled at tommorw for that error.. I did'nt connect a link.. because I don't understand how.. but I am asking for help with that. So I will have to see how that plays out.

My homework has now reached full capcaity and I am very overwheelemed and I am going pretty crazy right now...

Jazz and I went back to Walmart to day to go pitty shopping... we were both having a hard day and need to get out.. and we went to walmart and went toy shoping... I was going to get a sock monkey stuff animal... but then I saw a Mr.Potato head. I've always wanted a Potato head. So I got one. He is sitting on my dresser looking sorta like Pisaco.And playdough... I made a playdough blob... with a sad face... because it's how I feel.

I feel be littled because LP has her Drivers Licenses and I don't. Mom's says I shouldnt be envous of it. But that's besided the point. It's not fair.. I am older.. and I have to rely on others to take me places or public transportation.

And to top it of right now those with AT&T of all I have talked are having trouble making calls out and sending text messages.. and that to me is rather annyoying...

I am just upset and ticked and I ca'tn even focus on all of my homework.....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Baby-Sitting Adventures

Tonight at babysitting was rather adventures. I love the kids the kids I watch, they know just how to make me smile. But tonight, when Jesse(4) and Levi(6 1/2) were playing outside with their neighbor Parker, they found a dead bird. And before I could get outside to check on them, Levi had nailed a dead bird to a tree. Actually it was his wing. I asked him why he did that and he said that he thought that it looked cool! Jesse ended up knocking it down with a stick. Then their neighbor wanted got the idea to burry it.

Apperantly, a while back there was a bird that died and they buried on one side of the yard it was a brown or black bird. I said, we should burry that one on that side. Levi said that they couldn't because this new dead bird was blue and yellow and it could be on the same side as that one. So we burried near the tree where it was nailed too.

The kids, dug a whole with a hammer and a shovel. They use the hammer to put the bird on a piece of wood and threw it in the ground and covered it in the ground. Then they wanted to mark it so we put a stick in the ground.

Then they wanted to dig up the 1st dead bird from a while back... I explained to them that it would just be bones, and they were like but birds have feathers...

Kids' dont they do the darnest things?

Oh I did make them washed there hands really well and we even had a pretend campout with a pretend campfire and sung songs and I had lots of fun tonight!