Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Brittany and Daniel!

Speical Birthday Wishes go out today to Brittany M who is the big 20 and her nephew Daniel is one year years old today! Happy Birthday you too Love You Bunches! Happy Birthday Brittany! Hope You had a great b-day!

Picture taken in summer 2008 on the way to the McGee Family Renuin in CA.

Happy Birthday to Daniel he is one today. This photo came from Adam from the family renuiun its all that I could find . But happy birthday!
I thought this quote is good for today, , "A baby is God's opinion that life should go on." -Carl Sanburg

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Update on Life and some on Sports

Spent the weekend in South Haven, Missisppi for the GSC Tournment(Gulf South Confernce) for the UAM(Unviresty of Arkansas-Monticello) and other schools who made it into the play-off for Basketball. Both the Cotton Blossoms(the girls team) and the Boll Weevils(the boys team) went.

Starting with the Boll Weevils, they won there first game in the bracket, but lost in their second. I don't remember scores. But they fought hard. Last, I heard they could maybe possiblely get a bid for the Sweet-Sixteen Dividson 2 game next week. (I am still waiting on offical word, on if thet got in).

The Cotton Blossoms, won their first bracket game, won their second bracket game, and went on to play on Sunday for GSC Champhsip against Delta State.(That's in Mississpi). During their second game in the bracket one of the players made a 3-point shot with .6 to spare in the game bring the game into overtime. That shot, help the Blossoms, get into the Champship on Sunday! It was hard fight, and that game to was also very close. The game on Sunday(today) went into overtime. The final score was 67-65. They lost by two points. That game to was also a very close game and very well played! It was very exicting. From what I understand.. and I could be wrong, with the blossoms ranking going into the game this weekend and playing higher ranked teams and winning the first two. The get to play in the sweet sixteen game coming up next weekend. From what I hear the game will be played at Delta State, since they won the GSC Champship.

They may even get to get into the elite 8, which will be played in san tantio at the end of March! So we shall see. The blossoms really are a great team! I am proud of them!

I had a lot of fun dressing up in a fuzzy green suit and dancing around like a crazy nut! And even when I wasn't cheering I was having fun, outside of the games. I would say the best part of the trip was when I went to Chuckie e. Cheese. I won like 240 tickets, I got cool ball that is stuff and a swrill straw! Even the other cheerleaders had fun to! I want to go back to chuckie e. chesse

This weekend my mother calls me and told me tha my sister moved out of the house this week and moved in with her boyfriend. (Please do not comment on this). So my mom and my dad are now moving across the street to a condo! I will get the upstairs loft. It's open to the down stairs. But, in a way I will have my own space. Where I can escape... I am gonna try to figure out how to create some privacy so that people can just look up and see my room. But, hey... I am gald about that! We will be moving the week I have spring break or the week after(when I am back at school).

This week is midterms. I am not ready for my spanish test, think I am ready for my ethic mid-term and well, I am not sure bout my english.( I really do need to work on that). And then it's spring break, I am so ready for that.

I think that is all the exiticing news in my life right now.