Saturday, January 22, 2011

in Memory of Friskey

Friskey the cat was born in April of 1993 and ran away to die in December of 2010. He was 17 years old, which I know is old for a cat. He was a best friend to me and my family.

I was nearly 8 years old when I got Friskey , from one of the second grade teachers at my elementary school, in GA. At the time I wanted a girl cat, bus she told me that they were meaner, so I got a boy cat instead. And he became one of the loves of my life.

I remember when we first got him the first few night he sat in between the kitchen and the dining room and meow very loudly because he miss his cat family.

As he got older there would be times that he would try to run away, but he was too scared to go far. He hid in the woods behind our trailer in Tennessee, under neath the trailer but he always came home meowing because he was hungry.

When my sister and I got older we took out our baby doll furniture out of our rooms and put in the living room as it was going to be put in the shed later that week. But before the doll furniture made it to the shed, Friskey claimed a piece all his own seat.

One night when the family was out in the living room watching TV, Friskey decide to jump into the baby doll high chair and sit. This seat became his and from that point on till the time that he died it would be his seat. It was funny to see him do this and there was a time that he actually at his cat food from it!

Then there was the time that Friskey food was kept in the cabinet and he was really a smart cat, because when his food dish was empty or the food was not up to his taste he would use his paw to open the cabinet where the food was kept. He would keep this up till someone would feed him.

During our many moves, Friskey has traveled by RV which he tried to go to the back of it but my dad held him down and told him he couldn’t go there. Traveled by van which was being tow by a moving truck and finally by car.

Friskey surely used all of his nine lives he used one those up when he got stuck in a couch for 3 days.

Whenever I was sad he would come sit near me or at the foot of my bed, he did that for most of the family too.

He was a good cat, very different than most other cats.

Some of Friskey's favorite foods aside from his Cat Chow were, dirtoto chips, chicken, and meatloaf and tuna.

Friskey the cat you will be miss.

Monday, January 17, 2011

it's Jan... and ten months

Hard to believe another year has come and gone and now its nearly the end of the month. Last week we celebrated John's 26th birthday!

And tomorrow John and I will be an aunt and uncle again! As we welcome Carolyn's little baby into the world. They are having a boy and naming him William Rylie(sp?)

And to top things off John starts school tomorrow.

Oh, and how could I forget that this month made 10 months since John and I were married. It is hard to believe that its been that long, to me it feels like a life time.

What a busy month it has been and I know the year is just getting started. Stay tune for more blog updates! and Happy New Year!