Thursday, April 2, 2009

So it's been awhile

Yes, it has been a while since I last wrote. To tell the truth in my hard copy journal I have fallen behind in it too. Lately school has been keeping me busy.

About my Classes: Spanish 2 is really hard for me and I haven't been to spanish tutoring as much as I should have and I have forgotten much of the vocabulary that I learn last semester. I know I will pass, but with what I don't know. British Lit 2, is coming along good. I really am enjoy it, there is a lot of poems. And I learned that the Charge of the Lightbergaid, written by Alferd Tennyson is about Pickett Charge during the Civil War. Modern Europe, (that's my History Class) is coming along good on the first test I got an 80! (it was Mupitle Choice and essay) So I was really proud of myself. We have another test coming up next Thursday that will be interesting saying, yet again I am behind in my readings for the class. But, I can do it, I will pass! I am also working on my history paper for my class it's due the last week of class! It's about Checkpoint Charile and the Berlin Wall.(It's a 5 to 10 page paper). Oh, yes Ethics, that's a pretty random class. We haven't really followed the book and a lot of the class has been open discussion. Pam and Jazz are in the class so it's pretty cool we help each other a lot. We had to write a 5 to 10 page paper about either Food and Sex, Pulp Fiction or Global Warming. I choose Global Warming.

I also have been busy with helping out the Staff of the Boll Weevil(the school yearbook). I had 5 speards to do. I did because I really have a hard time saying no and the had some people that drop the year book class. I only have one my spread left and I have desided that I would worry about that next week.

This Saturaday I am presenting a prestation on my paper I worte for my Histography class last semester: "Pressforward Saints..."

On a lighter note Decemeber 2009 I will finally graduate with a degree in History with a minor in Journalism. :D It only took 5 and 1/2 years for it too happen. But I think it was well worth it.
I am the school mascot for the next school year. So, for you xanga readers that's a boll weevil! (Remeber three years ago when I was talking about coming to UAM and counted down to it, I think that it was something like the 25 days of weevils or somethingl. I do rememeber using the quote, "Weevils wobble but they don't fall down." Expect, this weevil falls down some time. :)
Okay, enough about my boring classes .

March 29: A few days ago, made Derek McGee two year mark sense he has been dead. I went to chruch on his death day and it was okay. It was just different. Looking back last year seeing where I was at and looking back two years ago I can see I have grown a lot. But I will say this I did cry a lot that weekend. Cry because of the chance that he didn't have and how I miss him as my friend. This past week I had a thought that what, if I get a call from him or something like that and he says, "Guess What, I am alive! You still wanna go out? I am sorry for all that I have put you through." I would have to tell him "no." Which before now, I would have to yes I would date him and contuiue on. Because I know that he is not coming back to the earth life and I know that he is happier and doing what he is supppose to be doing right now. But I will say this, I still love him as friend and I can not wait to get to heaven to give him a big hug, and to ask him why he left me when he did.

Yesterday afternoon, Jasmine and Angelia and I and some of the social work club memembers did an easter egg hunt for kids in a headstart in town. We hid the eggs and then the kids ran out to find them. (Mind you they had to be about 3,4 and 5ish) After the egg hunt they had snack time outside and then they played. Later one of the girls started going through her eggs and she pulled out lafty taugh and open it up.. she looked at it.. (not knowning what it was) and said.. "I think I will call this gum"

Last night at chruch, I taught the 8 to 11 years(only four girls showed up) and we talked about the Good Samatatiran and then clean the church building( polished the wood trim in the hallways, glean the glass doors and clean the bathrooms. They were really exicted about cleaning the bathrooms, mainly the boys. They had a great time, and it gave me the greatest feeling. It was a happy feeling!

That's all for now.. I do have some spanish homework to finish... Oh, my! Cheers till next time!