Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Time

Summers as a teenager were spend at the pool, going to the mall, sleeping, EFY and vacation. Now as an adult they are spent at work, work, chores, little bit of swimming, work, and vacation. 

What's happening with the Dean 4 clan? 

I, get to full fill her civic duty and has Jury duty this month. I am still working at the Bank and the Chicken place. It's keeping me busy. I am so ready for July when I go to see my parents, go the beach and to Disney World. I am still selling Mary Kay make-up. I am still teaching the 6 year-olds in Primary. I love my class they are so sweet and so knowledge able about the gospel. In the year that I have had them I have seen them grow soo much. 

John, is enjoying the summer off from school. He has accepted a new position at Bank. He will be working printing off the credit card statements. It's full time and he is very excited about the new opportunity and for change.  He too is ready for vacation. 

For those that are reading NO we are no pregnant.