Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 2009 Summer Update

The month of May ends here in foru days. It's been a great month! I finished school strong, with a 3.0 this semester, I was very happy! Grades go as follows, Brit Lit 2 C; Spanish 2 B; Ethics B; Modern Europe A. I will get my BA in December! I never thought I would see that day!

I am living at home this summer in Texas!

This month so far I have read to gret books, I highly reccomend them for age 10 and up. The books include The Tale of Desxpur(sp?) and The Boy Who Dared. Two great books. Watch up coming blogs for a review about The Boy Who Dared.

On Memoiral Day I went to the Lake with John some people from Church. We rode on jet skis, he rode on a tube that was pulld from the jet ski. We even grilled out there. It was a lot of fun, minus our sun burn! Minus the sunburn it is a great way to start the summer!

Happy Summer Blog Readers

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alan Jackson Concert!

Ever wanted to do something spur of the moment? Well, last Friday my mom and I did. My boyfriend already had plans with his aunt to go the the AJ concet. (His aunt bought the tickets for him and his brother a long while back).

I suggested to my mom that we should try to see if we could get tickets. I said, I didn't care where we would sit. Just to be there and experince it would be awesome!

So we looked up tickets(this took awhile, because we were going to have to buy them online). We found some, it took a while for the tickets to come to my mom's e-mail, but they came. How much did we spend? 70.00 for both tickets. We rode with my boyfriend, his brother and his aunt. We found our seats, 1st row noses bleed. No one was around us. And 7 minds before the concert started, someone from KSCS, came up to us and said, We(the radio station) saw that you were sitting alone, and we(the radio sation) thought you two might like some better tickets in a suite! So we took them. And watch the show. It was a better view from there.

I danced and sung a long. It was cool. From where my boyfriend was sitting down below us, he saw me dancing!

Josh Tunner opened for AJ. I loved his song, called, "Me and God" one day I will have to put the lyrics here for you to read, its a really good song!

AJ sung a lot of old songs that I grew up with! He even sung his famous, "Where were you when the world stop turning."

Up untill now I have never been to a real concert! I loved it! Even though my boyfriend and I were not in the same seats, I still had a GREAT time! I am gald we went! Next time I go to a concert I will have to spend the $30 on a concert t-shirt!

I will say this, there is nothing like sing along at the concert with the artist, now that is pretty cool!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weevil News

This past March I tried out and get to be my college mascot again this school year! I am really excited its a lot of fun and I get to make people smile which makes me feel really happy. I get to go with the cheerleaders to all the football games to cheer on the "mighty" UAM Boll Weevils! Its fun! So if you are in the neighborhood come see the Weevil at one of our many games this Fall!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Over a month?

It been over a month since I last posted on here. Usually I am pretty good at keeping up with my blogs and events in my life, but I guess I feel behind. :(.

Well here is the updated on my life. I am down to one semester left in my college career. I will finally get my BA in History in December of 2009. As I type I am waiting on my grades from the Spring Semester to post, but the grades aren't offically due to the Office of the Registar till Wednesday of this week at 10 a.m. So it's now a wait and see.

I manged to pack up my entire dorm room int 14 boxes , 5 suite cases, microwave, TV, mini refrigerator and a bedding bag. How I got everything in to that small room I will never know. Jasmines' Parents are letting me store a lot of at there house because I can't take it on the airplane with me. I am really grateful that they are letting me do that. It really means a lot to me. (Can you imange the baggage fee for something like that?)

I fly home to Texas on Wednesday! I plan to stay in Texas this summer and work and work on getting my Driver's Liceneces. ( I know shouldn'tI have that by now? Did I want it when I as 16? yes! Why didn't and Why don't I have it? Because when I moved to Texas when I was 15, my parents had to learn how to re-drive in the busy, crazy Dallas traffic. And then when I was 16, they didn't want me to become a statics of teenage driver who ends up dead on the road. And I refused to do the Texas drivers Ed, because I thought it was pointless for a couple reasons, 1) I already had started to work on Drivers Ed before I moved to Texas and then there was the chance that they would not take Drivers Ed from a another state. And when we attempted to do the at home version of drivers ed with Texas there text book was so messed up that I refuse to do it. And desicde to wait till I was 18 to get my permit to avoid the whole mess. And then some other things happened and I went to off to college and I wasn't home to work on it. Everyone has a different set of cards that they are dealt. So blog readers DO not underestamate me or think that there is more to story or that it's stuiped. )

The whole not having my liceness hurts me sometime because it seems that people don't understand or they think that I don't want to. It makes me mad when that happens.

Anyways, that will be my summer and of course going and seeing my special friend. :) And my sister Brittany is coming to Texas at the end of July for a Mary Kay Conference! She is selling it now! But that also means that I get so see her! I am exicted about that! She hasn't ever been to Texas before! :D. Good thing I can see Mary Kay's main office from my house!

Not much else is happening. This has been been brought to you by A Moment in My Life