Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Weekend

This week certainly has flown by. Last time I check it was Monday and now its 11:45 p.m. on a Saturday night.

I guess all the excitement happened Wednesday night when we got home from work. I am calling my sister to confirm that I am watching her stepson, Cole on Thursday morning. John checks his phone and sees he has a voice mail and it's the Dallas Temple calling us asking us to meet with someone from the temple presidency. Thursday morning John calls the temple and makes an appointment for Friday at 2:30 p.m. So after work on Friday we head over to the temple and leave with a new calling. We will be working in the Temple one shift a week. The calling is typically for two years but they know things can happen such as circumstances like having a family or work or moving that would shorten your service.

I feel such an honor to be able to something like that. I know the Lord will truly bless our lives with it. John is very excited about the chance to serve in the Lord's House.

After the meeting I went to Aldies(a grocery store) and went grocery shopping, while John was on the phone with his mom telling her the news. And was reminded that night we had our Girls Night Out with, Carolyn, Jan, Mini Mama, and John's Mom. With all that had happened this week, I had totally forgotten about it. We headed to a place called, "Let's Art Party" where you can paint a picture with 2-3 hours. Pictures are with in the post, they were taken at Let's Art Party, by our teacher who taught us. There were some other women there having their own girls night out too, so it wasn't just us in there. It was a lot of fun, we are all planning to go back.

Today is Saturday we went to my Team Outing from work. We all meet up at a place called Main Event, we went Bowling and played glow in the dark miniature golf. It was a lot of fun. I didn't do too well with my bowling but John on one round got his score over 100! The we did our Walmart shopping and amazingly for a Saturday afternoon it wasn't too bad. Let's just say that we are good on food for a good two weeks. With the exception of maybe need more Milk and Eggs later on. We ended the night by going and play games with some friends in our ward, who don't have children yet. (Young Couples) It was a lot of fun.

Surprisingly I managed to get our house clean, laundry wash.. just have to fold it.

The best part was the news about the temple...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Year..

Right now on facebook there is something going around in friend's status. Where they are given a year by a friend and their friends like the year and in turn that friend gives them a year to post somethings about themselves. One my friends gave me the year 1998 and it got me thinking about where I was in 1998 and what I was thinking. Below are some answers to that year

The Year was 1998.
Age: I was 12 years old.( Facebook has another age, :) )
Live: Lousiville, Tennessee
Pet: Friskey the Cat
Best Friend: Samantha Thompson
Dream Job: A school teacher
Show: It really ranged from ER to Early Edition to Dr.Quinn Medicine Women.
Random: This was my first year a girls camp at church. I also got into 4H.
School: I was HomeSchool the start of my 6th grade year, I think I nickname our school Karma Middle School
Crushes: Really didn't have any

My time certainly has flown by. Thinking back that long ago was really mind blowing. Next time I will have to go to my journals and see what I thought. On that side note I have kept a journal from 12 years old until now.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What happened to July?

Hard to believe that summer is nearly over and John heads back to school. The summer has been a good one. Going swimming at our apartments, hanging with family and seeing my sister, Brittany M. :) and one of the best part of it all: going to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL with my parents and going to the beach! John even went fishing with my dad and caught fish and then threw them back in the ocean again.

We had soo much fun at Disney, I can't wait to go back. We had orginally planned to just spend two days there but we ended up going for 4 days! I am glad we did that. I can't wait to go back. It's such a happy place!

This weekend we went to two malls after work. On Friday, we went to Grapevine Mills Mall and walked around and even shop some. One of the stores we went to was from Lego Land, John felt such like a kid in that store. We ended up buying some legos. Yes, we are married and playing with legos. There's nothing like acting like a kid again.:) We even ate a place called Rainforest Cafe and end the day going to the candy store!

On Saturday we went to Stonebier Mall. It was very crowd. People every were, of course school does start back here in a week. We looked in some stores, I even got a new book called: "Farewell to Manzanae" so far its a really good book! And then we went to Toy R Us, John decided that he need some more Legos.

Well that's all for now. In this post I have included so pictures from Diseny and the Beach