Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tucker's One month Pic and more

Tucker's 1 Month old Picture. Taken on 10-9-2013

 Tucker with his Toy Frog.  My attempt to a photo shoot in my favorite outfit.
You always have to have a photo with the baby in the diaper. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Birthday!

I should have posted this yesterday. But Happy Birthday to my dear friend Derek, October 12th was his 31st birthday! His been in heaven 7 years and counting!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween Ghost Story

My grandmother, Meme(Vantina) on my dads side always told this Ghost story to my sister and I every year during October. I thought tonight I would go a head and share it with you, my blog readers.

"Once upon a time.. wait this isn't some old story.. it happened back in the 80's or 70's that was not so long ago. It was a chilly fall night getting close to midnight in October in Atlanta, GA and I was driving down the Interstate 20 not to far from the Six Flags exit.

I  had just finished my shift at the hospital. As I was driving down the Interstate I saw a brown hair girl in a walking along side of the interstate. She must have just gotten out of six flags, but why was she walking along the interstate at this hour by herself, Meme thought to herself.

I  quickly speed up some and pulled a head of her along side of the interest, "Are you okay, do you need a ride somewhere?"The young girl looked at Meme with a puzzled faced. "No, I am okay."  "It's getting late.. I can take you home that way you aren't walking by yourself."

The young girl finally gave in and hop in the car. "Thanks for the ride, you are sure this no trouble for you?"

"No trouble at all." I replied. " I am Vanetia, I work at the hospital down town. You must be cold, here you can were this jacket for now so you can warm up even faster."

"Thanks!" said the girl as she put on the jacket, "I am Hannah, thanks for the ride. I am only a couple exits up the Interesate. I didn't think I was going to stay at six flags as late as I did. I was hang out with my friends and they end up leaving before I did."

"Ah, I see." Vanetia replied, "Did you have you had fun?"

"Oh, yes it was a lot of fun! We had blast! We decided to go to six flags instead of the homecoming dance.  My exit is the next one," relied Hannah.

"That's sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!"

As they approached the exited and Hannah told Vanetia to take a right at the light and then go past the next 4 lights and then take a left. Vanetia followed the driving directions as kept talking with Hannah. When they approach Hannah'a street. Vanetia realized that they were coming up near a cemetery. Which seemed really odd, to Vanetia at least but she did not say anything about it.

"You can drop off right here, I am just up the road at the white house past the cemenatry," replied Hannah.

"Are you sure?"


"Okay, well have a good night." Replied Vanetia.

Hannah got out got of the car, "Thank you so much for helping me out tonight." "Your welcome."

Watching the girl get out the car she watch her walk up to the white house.  Just as the girl was out of sight she realized the girl still had on the jacket. She got out of the car and walk through the cemetery seeing the jacket on a tomb stone, just as she took the jacket of the tomb stone she saw that it said, Hannah Liz Carter born Oct. 15th 1964 died Oct. 15th 1978.  "She died 10 years ago tonight." Stunned Vanetia realized that she had seen a ghost. She got back in her car and drove home.