Sunday, February 27, 2011

New additions to the family

For my birthday this year John got me two dwarf hamsters. I mention them in my last post but here are a few pictures of them.

John's holding Skittles. Skittles is the one in the front and Rollie is the one in the back.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh the Weather

I know its been a while since I last gave some updates with the Deans. For excuses I really don't have any other than it has been just per laziness on my part.

What brings me to my blog this morning is the weather. The weather outside feels SO nice as appose to the extreme Texas heat or the crazy ice storm we had at the first part of the month. I mean last night I slept with the windows open because it felt so nice. This type of weather reminds me of my days in Arkansas. It's days like to day that remind me how I didn't want to spend time in doors and that the campus seem, oh so lively! I wish Texas could have more days like this with cool weather and nice breezes!

This Feb. month a lot has happened. For one I turn a quarter of century old, I am 25 years old. An age I never thought I would be as a kid. Do I feel older? not really, just feeling like my young adult years are fading away.

One the of presents that I got for my birthday this year, aside from what I call my birthday snow was 2 dwarf hamster(pictures to come later) they are so cute! There names are Rollie and Skittles. John, got them for me. We love having them at our house.

John, got a calling at church, he is one of the ward missionaries.
Our niece, Felicity celebrated her 2nd birthday and our nephew Cole will soon be celebrating his 5th birthday towards the end of the month.

I tell you January and Febuary certainly have a lot of birthdays!

Oh, and John and I our getting closer to our 1st anniversary! Hard to believe that we have been married almost a year now.

That's all for the Dean happens for the moment!