Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I learned in Arkansas

While I lived in Arkansas from 2006-2009, there are several things that I learned and even gained. Looking back I see that If I did not live there than I would have never learned what I did. Below is the list of thing

The PBR(professional bullriding), and really how cool it is, and how exicting it is.

Hunting. It is a big sport in Southeast Arkansas. I never thought that it would be soo big. Never shot any wild life, but, I saw loads of deer.

How to live on a college budget.

Was the Weevil, mascot and learned about cheerleading and really fun adventures.

How to get a newspaper in to HTML and ready for the web.

Even if you live in a town with nothing to do, Wal-Mart is still fun at 12 a.m.

Put together a few yearbooks.

Learn more about kids.

Found out more of who I am.

Learned the about the campus and what to do there.

3 a.m. fire alarms sound really loud and waking up after just going to sleep a little before is not fun.

Gained some great life-long friends.

The Church is the same no matter where you go.

The town only has like 4 stops lights.(That I saw)

Meet the mayor of the town where the college is.

Running thro ugh the sprinklers late at night is cheap entertainment.

Walks around the pond are great.

Playing with playdough is still fun in college.

Cafeteria food is always an adventure.

Loud Hour is a lot of fun. More people should run down the halls screaming during the hour.

Dancing in the dorm halls is a lot of fun! Everyone should try it.

I learned a lot, made lots of memories not just the ones mentioned below. Feel free to leave your comment with me at college. J

s I learned or did:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010, A New Decade

It truly hard to believe that it is 2010! My how time flies, I can still remeber when it was 2000 and I was just starting High School. Now, at this start of the new decade, I have graduate from college, I am getting married and starting a new chapter in my life.

As I look back over the last 10 years, a lot has changed. I have moved several times, I have gone to places I never would have imanged going, meet some pretty cool people, gained an even greater love for the gospel and have done things I never thought that I would.

Looking at this year, I have set some goals they are

1) Work on the Viture vaule for young women's even though I am no longer in young women's I feel that is something that I should do. They add the vaule back in 2009.
2) Get a car, or well at least help John get a car.
3)Learn something new this year
4)Work on paying off loans
5) Be healthier

That is all for now in 2010... more later