Saturday, June 18, 2011

June Already?

Hard to believe the year is half way over!

What happening with the Deans you ask? Well, feels like the same old, same old. Expect now its summer with close to triple digits outside. John and I have been taking advantage of our Swimming Pool where we live. It's really nice to be able to just hang out at the pool. And even get my pre-tan on. John and I will head to the beach to see my parents and we get to go to DISNEY WORLD! And then at the end of July my sister, Brittany M. comes for her Mary Kay convention. I will be excited to see her!

In other news, I am now teaching the 4 years olds who are turning 5 this year at church. CTR 4 they call the class. I really enjoy it because I get to go to primary with them. Oh, how I miss going to primary. I love teaching my class. I taught them for the first time last Sunday. They all have such sweet spirits.

Well thats all for now folks!