Monday, November 7, 2011

My, my, look at how time has just simply flown by. October has come and gone and before we know it November will be gone too.

Life with the Dean's is the same old same old, boring life. Join MaryKayin October and pick up a second job working at Chickflia. I am a busy working women. Barely anytime left in the day.

John's doing good in school . He had to drop biology, so he could focus more on Math. That and from what I heard the Bio lad teacher sounds like a jerk!

I am still teaching primary and loving it. In fact their primary program is on Sunday. Me and my co-teacher plan to throw a party for them for class and feed them cupcakes and popcorn and juice! And we will watch a church movie too. :)

In the midst of everything going on in my life I finish a book I was reading. It's called "Farewell to Manzar" a book about a girl name Jeanie experience living in the camps in the US for the japs during World War 2, shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It's a good book and gives some light to what happened and how they were treated there and how they were treated after they left the camp.

I had always heard that we did something like that. But I gained a better understanding simple by reading what happened. It was as if those in the camps lived in a box, having no idea what was happening in the world outside or how it was changing.

Let me bring that to a bring picture for you. It's like living in one town your whole life and then all of a suddenly moving and going back to visit a few years later. A lot of things have changed, people you once knew may not be there any more. Now Jeanie story and that one are very different yet very much the same.

I will save the rest of the story for you to read.

As I reading it made me think there have been lots of prejudice in the US rather it be because of how you believed, the color of your skin, where you came from... and the list could on and on. But isn't that why we came here? To be free and practice what we want and now have to listen to a King to tell us how and what to do?