Wednesday, May 23, 2012


"Do you know the muffin man?"
"Muffins are simply cupcakes that are naked."

As you can tell my mind is on muffins. In fact I have some cooking right now. They are chocolate muffins! It's been a while since I have had muffins. It's also been awhile since I have posted something on this little blog of mine.

It's been so long that blogger has change they way you publish post. Gonna take bit to get use to but it's cool.  Looks a little more user friendly. Oh, well enough about them and more about the Life with the Deans.

John, is doing well. He passed College Algebra! For those that know us math is not our forte. He pass with a "C". I am so proud math is hard. Letters and numbers just should not mix. He is still working at the bank and is ready for summer. Mainly summer vacation. We are head back to Florida to see my parents and visit, Mickey Mouse's house. Every time I go there I feel like I am kid again and I can leave my worries at the car.

As for Roll and Skittles the hamsters they are doing well and happy and health. They were interview for my friend's blog called, Arkansas Pet Gazzete. I still need to get there mug shots to her.

Me, I am doing well. Working two jobs right now. I actually really am enjoying it keeps me busy and the extra money helping pay off those lovely student loans a bit faster.

John and I are still working at the temple and loving it. It's been a huge blessing in my life to be able work at the temple. It's truly a place where heaven meets earth.

A very dear friend of mine is getting married tommorw in the Washington, D.C. Temple. I am very happy for him. He help me out a lot when I was at school. Thinking about his up coming wedding made me think about mine and how special it was. I had my grandfather seal"marry" me and my husband. I look back on now and wish I could remember more like what was said at the ceremony. I know that i had really really bad headach that day and neither me or John could sleep the night before. The weather was prefect my friends came all the way from Arkansas to see me. It was wonderful, to this day I am so greatful that they were able to come. It was very special.

The month of May also marks NF awarness month. I have NF. I have post a blog about NF in 2008 and even wrote a newpaper article about it. NF simply sucks! There's no cure and it can only get worst over time. Everyone is affected differently.

Enjoy the muffins!