Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weevil Fun and Masks

The Weevil taking a pose in the grass... even little weevils need their rest!

The weevil with the parents at Homing coming 2008! The came to see their weevil do a little dance!
The gang of Pork Chops and Apple Sauce showing off their mask they got for doing their skit at mocha maddness...(The gang performed the 3 season of Pork Chops and Apple Sauce)

The Weevil cheering for th camera at the Homing Coming game 2008! Go WEEVILS!

Halloween Fun!

Halloween: This is by far my favorite holiday above my birthday and Christmas. Maybe I love Halloween cause I love fall and it feels more like fall with Halloween!

<- Here in this picture are my friends at my dorm. We dressed up for are dorm halloween party that took place on Wednesday before halloween. We had a fun night!

<- Me after I was turned into a walking mummy at my dorm Halloween Party. The object was to ge to gather in groups and see who could make the best mummy! It's fun I went as a witch and turn into a mummy! My group one the contest! Because I was walkin mummy and the others were statue mummys!

<- Me becoming the mummy!
>_ This is what my pumkin looked like after I craved. Apperently it won 2nd in the cafertria pumkin carvin contest. I stuck a flash ligh in my pumkin to see what it would like light up. Craving was rather fun... but getting out the pumkin guts that was not.

<- Me using gloves to dig out the pumkin guys.... what a face I made!