Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 2008 Update

It’s hard to believe that it is the middle of June and I have been in SLC for two weeks now! I have been having a lot of fun. Hanging out with my cousins, Arthur and just starting my new job.

Let’s see I started off the summer with getting my associates of Arts from UAM. I will be going back in the fall to finish up my BA in History which I will get next summer. When I got to Utah at the end of May, I meet Arthur, his mother, and his brother Adam for the first time. We had a lot of fun are first day, and at the end of our first day we went and sat outside the SLC temple, it was such a wonderful feeling to be there on the temple grounds and just to take in the spirit that was there.

Then Sunday, I went to my nephews. Daniel’s baby blessing it was wonderful to go to that and to see my McGee family. After the blessing we had a cook out, with the family. It was a lot of fun. I have missed them. I won’t get to see them much this summer because, I am living in SLC this summer with my cousins and so that Arthur and I can be closer to each other this summer.

I do miss, not getting to hang out with my McGee family., though, if all still goes according to plan, I will be going to California with them for their family reunion. Which I am really excited about, I have never been to California before. And it will give Brittany and I time to see each other. It will be lots of fun! And the family renuinon is in July!

Hanging out with my cousins has been a lot of fun. I can now desicribe them with a short phrase, all nice of course. There is Lily, the youngest she is 2, she Mommy’s Girl; then comes Mary-Jane, she is 5, the dramatist/funny one.(She funny and very dramatic at times.) [Hey, I was that way when I was 5 and sometimes I still am, hehehe] Then there is Andrew, he is 7, and he is the Question Guy, always full of questions and wanting to know why.(he make a great little reporter, now that I think about it). Then there is the oldest, Hailey, she is 10, she is the reader or the group and leader. I love them all, they are all a lot of fun and its hard to believe they are all growing up.

I remember when, I was little before my step-uncle/1st cousin got married, he told me he was an elf and that he worked for Santa Clause. But, that was because I would only see him at Christmas when he would come home to GA for Christmas.

Arthur and I are getting to know each other, more and more. I think we are learning a lot about each other more so. I can tell he loves me and I can feel it. But, I will say this, dating him is WAY different then dating Derek. And I knew that it would be. But that is because they are two different people and I knew it would be. We went down to Temple Square for a couple hours the other day. He took me to the top of the Church office building it was really cool. On one side you could see where the pioneers came through the valley, then on the other you could see the SLC temple it was an awesome view. The day we went there were a lot of brides getting married. I will say it made me sad, to see all of that, because I want that in my life and I have a hard time believing that I will get that chance in my life and that when it happens, no one will care and that it will not be made to be a big deal.(I know I have said that before, but, bear with me, keep reading.)

And before I go any farther, do not roll your eyes, and do not say oh it will happen to you. Just give it time, it will all work out. That’s easy for some to say, because some of you already have that in your life and you don’t have to think about that not happening to you. Loose someone you are dating, planning to get married to, then you will understand. Being around Arthur more I have realized that I ma very bitter and anger with Derek’s death, but also dating him has taught me that I can love someone else again and that someone can love me just as much or if not more.

It also has taught me that the human heart is really big and can love more, and more.

Arthur and I have had a lot of fun, one of the things that he taught me was how the bus system works. Which was really helpful, I like there bus system better than the one in Dallas. I will say this I am proud to ride the bus, and with the prices of gas going up its really the best way to get to work. And it helps out the environment. Guess, in some ways I am going Green and saving on Greens.

And I have a job now, I am working at place called 5 Guys, Burgers and Fries. It is the first one in Utah. Five guys has been around for 22 years, and started in Virgina. I love working there. My position right now is toasting the hamburger buns, making the veggie sandwiches and making the grilled cheese. It is an art to toast buns! I also learned how to dress them. So, if you are ever around a place called 5 Guys, go taste their burgers they are so good. And their fries are perfect, I don’t think I can eat another type of fries unless its Five Guys! We will all be trained in all areas at 5 Guys, because we work as a team. I am really enjoying my job. Oh, I am working part time and I take the bus to get to work.

Well, I think that is all the update that I can give you guys for now. Keep reading the blogs and I will post pictures when I can.

Hope Everyone’s having a Happy Summer!

Monday, June 2, 2008

June Update

Well, I am finally here in Utah. I am glad to be in my home state.(Well, it's kinda my home state). 

I flew in to town Sat. May 31, I meet Arthur and some of his brothers and his mother. We had a great time togather. 

Sunday I went to my nephew's baby blessing that was good too. I was really glad I was able to go. Brittany M. came and picked me up and we went down to American Fork, apperently some of the family didn't know that I was coming. heheeh.. we were keeping it a secret from Sarah, she seemed pretty surpised when I walk in to church.. it actually took her a moment to find me in the corwd.. hehhe

So now my plans for the rest of the week include finding a job and another time to see Arthur. 
I will admit it is kinda strange to be dating again after, loosing Derek. I will say this, I really miss Derek. :(. 

Hope all is well. More summer updates later.