Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is full of special memories and the chances to create new ones. One of my favorites one is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. I love watching the floats, the balloons and the Broadway shows. It like a count down till the time I have to start cooking my green bean casserole and this year sweet potato casserole  John is not big on sweet potatos but me I love it! reminds me of home. The parade it also get's me ready Christmas!

When I was kid I would go to MawMaw(my great grandmothers) house and we would have a big feast and the kids go push to the kids table. That was a lot of fun!

When I was living in Arkansas for school I would go to Jasmine house for thanksgiving. I had a lot of fun there! I truly love her family.

Now, my thanksgivings are spent with my inlaws. There's always good food and fun.

I am grateful for these memories and ones that I will make in years to come.

Below is a list of things I am grateful for; they appear in no certain order.
1.My jobs
2. My car
3. My apt.
4.That I can worship God
5. Temples
6. Plan of salvation
7. friends
8. family
9. my husband
10. Education
12. Technology
13. Books
14. music
15. clothing
16. shoes
17 my bed
18. blankets
19. Journals
20. cameras
21. atonement
22. food
23. and many more things

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2012

'That's the stuff'

Maybe the world really is coming to an end. Today marks a sad day in history. It's the day that Hostess has chosen to close it's doors.  Hostess is the makers of Twinkies, dingdongs, cupcakes and some other yummy treats!

I heard that they choose to close there doors because the workers would not go of strike!

I loved the cupcakes they made they were so yummy! The frosting on them was the best part! Even if I was to buy up the last of the supply it would expire so I couldn't keep it forever!

Questions through my minds
Maybe its away to help American loose weight?
What will future generation do with out their twinkies?

Good by yummy treats! With the funny commercials with the shark and the lady in the swimming tube.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day

This year marks the 3rd year I have vote in a presidential election. The first two, I vote on Election Day. This year I opted to early vote. I thought I would save time and make sure I had time to vote. Rather you early vote or vote on election day it all still counts.

Every time I vote its still exciting!

Voting is an American right. That I am proud to have and that I am able to do. Many years ago Women could not vote. So voting today is every more special.

No mater who you vote for, vote for the right reason. Vote for what you know and not what the media, friends or family tell you to. Only you know what values are important to you.

Whatever the outcome tomorrow is it is what it is. No matter the results it will forever change us as a country.