Thursday, January 29, 2009

January ends and Febuary starts

Greetings Family, Friends and Blog Readers:

Well schools been for nearly 3 weeks now. It's going well. I am really enjoying my classes. I am keeping up with my readings for the most part. So that is good. I am a little worried about my Spanish Classs this semester, becasue it's gotten a tad bit harder because I am learning more spanish grammer.

Let's see what else is happening in my life? Not much. Everything pretty much the same old same old.

I am going home a Valintines Day Weekend so I am really, really exicted. Oh, and I'll be 23 soon! WOW, YAY!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crickett to the Rescue

Well... tonight my friends Pam and Jasmine had to go tutor some kids tonight. Only they didn't make halfway there. Because Jasmines car died on a bridge, less than a mile from my school. So, Pam calls my dorm phone cause I didn't answer my cell because I was on the phone with Brittany M. And Pam says they need my help... she needed me to drive her green SUV to where they were at to try to jump them off. I grab my purse and dorm keys and head out the door.
Pam told me where here car keys where and I got them.

Now for some peole this really won't be a problem. But, you see I just renewed my liceness and I can drive, just backing up cars kinda worries me. But, I pulled out and drove, while talking on speaker phone. It was great. Expect for the retard tha desided to eat my butt on a road that was 35 and I was going like 40! And then when I got to the bridge I had to turn the car around to face the direction that Jasmine car was facing. I did it. And I am proud of of myself!

I can drive! I can drive!

And I actually loved driving Pam's big car! It's really easy to drive! :D I am proud of myself!
It's Crickett to the Rescue!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Schools Back

It's hard to believe that Christmas and the New Year have pasted and now I am back at school. I now have including this semester I have two more semester left until I graduate with my BA in History. After school, I plan to get my teaching lincess and teach high school or junior high.

In January, I after much prayer, I broke up with Arthur.

A few days later I went to the dentist for what was just suppose to be a teeth cleaning and got my wisdom teeth removed and 3 cativites filled the same day. I was given, awake sedation, laugh gas, and I think novcain. Needless to say, I have no memory of what really happened. I remember squezzing the hygententist hand. I sent a text message with a picture of how I looked after the sugery... and i had no memory of that.

So this semester I am back at school and I am taking, Spanish 2, Brit Lit 2, Modern Europe and Ethics.

Not much else is happening....

Friday, January 2, 2009

At the end of 2007 I read a book called My Sister Keeper…. It was a great book! In 2008 I read a book called What A Girl Wants, witten by Kristin Billerbeck Both of these books my friend Pam recommended to me.

For today’s blog I want to share my thoughts on “What A Girl Wants” first of reading this book gave me hope! It was what I need it…

The book for those that haven’t read it or just haven’t heard of it is about a Single 31, patent attorney going through life. She dealt with her best friend getting and now her brothers getting married. Her name is Ashley Stockingsdales and she is one of my heros.

Ashley knows how I feel…she wants to be married and not be old maid or bus bait.

She adopts a new life attitude. She looks at her life and decides to just to live it the best she can.

Through out the book, I cried, thought about yelling in my head, I got angry, mad, even had jealousy and cheered for Ashley.

Below are some worthy quotes or sections for the book that really stuck out to me:

“There’s single for a season and single for a reason,” page 28

“A man who saw a little age like fine wine rather than vinegar past its prime.”

“So I’ll just go home and pout,” page 35.

“It women are from Venus, I am living on Pluto,” page 39. (Good point Ashley) (for those that don’t understand this, there is saying that goes… “men are from mars and women are from venus… those planets are close in the solar system)

“I go on faith that someday, some man some where will recognized my virginity for the gift it is…” page 89 (So true for any women)

“Just because I’m getting married and you can’t get a date is no reson to be angrt wht me sis,” page 57 (this was one Ashley brother was talking to her.)

“Some will come along someday. I hear Florida is a good place to find wealthy widowers. Maybe you should put in for a transfer of course. I hear they go wuickly. Both to marriage and death,” page 52.( more of Ashley brother talking)

“My life reeks like an oninon,” page 62

“Maybe I should invest in a good playstaion II,” page 69 (expect now I would have to say a WII or PS3)….“So I don’t discuss feelings, but instead talk about secret codes and chambers maybe then I’ll understand men.”

“Marriage dulls the memory the seem to think they can solve every single person problem.” (Not only do married people think that, sometimes it works.. but they also tend to forget what it is like to be single)

“because the game of love is far too complicated for my simple mind.”

“Must change what I find attractive,” page 112.

“Revel in my single status,” page 113.

“Maybe guys are just afraid of me,” page197.

“Ack. Reality. Reality so bites go away,” page 214.

Thoughts on friends being married at times… “Then I became just another island floating in the middle of the middle of San Franisco Bay,” page 190.

“…that women will have her coffin wired with DSL,” page 215.

“What are the basics,” page 228.

“What do you think success is Ashley Stockingsdale?”

“It’s like being in one big high school clique for your entire life. I want to live and be unafraid. If I make a fool of myself at Starbucks, so what,” page 229 (thoughts on the grown-up world)

“And if I never get married and people think I’m bus bait for the rest of my life, so what? Didn’t god put me here for other reasons?” page 229.

“Having am Oprah moment, if you will..” page 230.

“I am quickly becoming a robot..” page 248

I think that is a good book both for the single, engaged or even full the married. Why? Because it's true in my eyes Ashely thoughts. And more importanly it reminded me that even in that book world there are characters that aren't married.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's 2009 and I am Starting a New Year

Today is the first day of my new life... it's 2009 and it's a new year. I have new goals, new plans, and ways to improve my life.

There is a new song, I heard today from my Chruch, titled a "Brand New Year" and this year the them for the youth is a brand new year. Part of it goes... "I Know Our father is wacthing over this world he will help me find my way.... its brand new year and my heart has been open.. to a brand new way ... and I am seeing new light... its a brand new chance to show where I am standing and I don't want to miss this chance... for a brand new life....... this is my life and I don't want to waste it...."

It's a brand new year... I've been giving the chance to see it.. and I am gonna live it to the best I can!

To learn more about the Brand New Year Theme for the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints click the following link:

My Goals for 2009
1) Read the Scriputres Daily
2) Pray Daily Morning and Night
3) Write in My Journal More
4) Work on Patience with myself
5) Work on bettering myself
6) Think Positive
7) Draw closer to God and become more like Christ
8) and many more other goals in my head....