Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Thoughts

Early this morning when I should be in bed becasue church and choir pratice do come early. I was thinking. I know what some might be thinking, that might be a dangerous thing or something like that. But, it is a good thing.

As I was updating my facebook status I was thinking, how in two weeks, my sister Lindesy will be married and how in Three weeks I will go an attend my college graduation, even though I received my dimploma in December. It made me stop and think, how fast time has flown by.

I remeber when I first went to Arkansas for school and that seems like it was forever ago. I still remeber playing barbies with my sister. Now we never had a barbie dream house, so we took hard back book and made a floor plan of our little house. That was about 12 years ago.

I was told when I was 14, becasue at that time I wanted to be 18. "Not to wish my life away, because before I know it I will be 18 and then I will be 40." Now, I am not near 40 yet. That is still about 15 years away.

But time sure does fly by really fast.

Now as I finish typing my blog for the night, so I can join my husbend who just headed to bed. I am so greatful, for the friends and family I have meet along the way, those who got me to got to Arkansas, and those who I have yet to meet on my life journey. All of you have help shaped me to who I am and have touched my life in someway. My life would have not been the same with out you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Going Green in April

Last week, my husband order a recyling bin, as part of one his school assigments for his English class.

His school project is recyling. So for the next three weeks(hopefuly now for the rest of our lives) we are trying to make a conscince effort to recycle.

The bin, is blue and is the size of a trashcan. One the lid it states what can be recylce. In the last 5 days, we were able to get it half-full.

Not only are we recycling but, I desided also to get the reuseable bags at Wal-mart to use when I go shoping there and cut down on the use of the plastic bags.

Going green is not something that can be done in day, it's a life style change that comes over time. Doing the small things at first, hopefully will equal large results.