Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams

I always said I would cry when Robin Williams or Tim Allen died.  Yesterday Aug. 11th, Robin Williams left this world all to soon.

Only I didn't cry. I was in shock. I didn't think he would die this soon there was still laughter to share.  He played many roles. He reminded me of my dad.

He was our genie, our dad driving us around in the RV(the rolling turd), he was our Nanny in Mrs.Doubtfire, he was our  kid brother who got go stuck in to the game known as Jumangi, he was our professor that created the green dancing blob in Flubber, he was our news man with good morning vitname, he taught us that penguins can dance and  is so much more to us.

May we always remember to laugh, to be ourselves and to take chances.

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