Sunday, August 31, 2014

Adventures in Georgia: funeral

This past week we traveled to GA for my grandfathers funeral(I called him Papa). When we weren't doing funeral things we hung out with the family. I was able to visit the outside of my old house that I grew up in in Georgia, visit Stone Mnt. (a huge granite rock that has been there for hundreds of years and has some historical value to the civil war) and celebrate Tuckers first birthday with my parents and family in Georgia. We also were able to get a 4 generation picture with my grandmother. Below are some pictures from the weeks events.

4 Gen Picture

Singing to Tucker before smashing the cake

My old house in GA. When I grew up it was Yellow.

Lindsey and I outside are old house in GA

Me and Tucker on top of stone mnt

John, Me, Tucker, Camila, and lindsey on top of stone mnt

the famous rock carving  on stone mnt of 3 generals from the confederate army during the civil war

me behind this famous rock

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